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  1. These are all the exact same symptoms I am having. All I am trying to do is eject USB drives. It used to work fine on my system (Mavericks) up until I did a fresh reload. And now it no longer works.
  2. Has anyone run into the issue that when issuing the eject command (located in "system" under "features") that they just never show even though they are enabled? I have 3 drives mounted, but the eject command is just not showing at all.
  3. Hi there, I was wondering what's the best way to display a multiline return for a shell command. For example if I did a LS directory and wanted to show the entire output. Using the traditional methods with a notification will show the first line, but not the rest. I have a work around in play by using the qlmanage command to display a text file in the quick look window. But I feel this is probably not the best way.
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