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  1. Cool, thanks @dfay. I was aware of fallback search triggers, but unaware of the Intelligently show fallbacks at the end of results setting.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Would that make sense as a feature request? To have url as an Input/Trigger.
  3. Hi, When I type a url into Alfred I get a single result Open the typed url, I would like to create a workflow that adds another result Add to Pinboard. How do I use any url as a trigger for a workflow? / Samuel
  4. Hi, The new Item Variables in the Script Filter are really awesome and makes my workflows much more maintainable, thanks a lot for that addition . It would be really nice if that same improvement could be make to List Filter. Currently if I have an item in the List Filter Input that has multiple pieces of metadata I need to invent my own syntax to pass it as args, just like for Script Filter before.
  5. Maybe the script has been updated since your post, but when I get it now it has 1949 words which should be sufficient.
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