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  1. Thanks for that; the old version is much quicker for me. I only have one other machine I use on my network, and it finds it, so I'm fine. I'm also using Mavericks on both machines, if that is of interest to you. thanks for a great workflow!
  2. Hm. I just downloaded the newest version, and there is a lag that wasn't there before (should have stuck with the old version that was working for me... oh, well) now when i type vnc it takes about 1 second to load the hosts, whereas before it was pretty much instantaneous. any fix? or a way I can revert to the older version? thanks!
  3. Hm, I'm not seeing BTMM for imacly, just the .local one. EDIT: sorry, iMac had just come back from repairs and BTMM was not enabled. All is working now.
  4. Looks great! Just to complicate things, is there a way to reenable BTMM if I'm not on my local network? Thanks a lot!
  5. Hmmmm... looks like it was "Air-2.local" guess that explains it. I changed it, and now air.local no longer shows up. I can't hide BTMM now, can I? Thanks!
  6. I just deleted the workflow from alfred and downloaded it from the first post, and am still seeing the same list.
  7. Hi Patrick, Thanks for the reply. I ran dns-sd on "air" and in alfred I see this: i used to see the BTMM for iMacly as well, but am currently not (maybe Mavericks?) thanks for the help! Ted
  8. I love this workflow, and use it all the time. I'm having the repeating entry problem (i'll post my results below) but more pressingly, since upgrading to mavericks (not sure if it's mavericks related, or just coincidence) The first time i activate the workflow, it doesn't show the remote computer. In fact I have to open a finder window, which shows that computer on the sidebar, and then the workflow will work correctly. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks! Ted and here is my terminal response re: repeating entry: I also see entries for local and back to my mac. is it possible to edit that? or only see BTMM if i'm not on the same local network? air is the local computer, imacly is the remote: Timestamp A/R Flags if Domain Service Type Instance Name 12:14:09.418 Add 3 0 38303090.members.btmm.icloud.com. _rfb._tcp. Air 12:14:09.418 Add 3 4 local. _rfb._tcp. Air 12:14:09.418 Add 2 4 local. _rfb._tcp. iMacly
  9. I play iTunes on an iMac through airplay speakers. I can easily control it from my iPhone, but haven't found an easy way to do so from my Air. Right now I do screensharing and control iTunes on the machine. I would love to be able to launch Alfred, hit something like "i next" or "i pause" and have it control the remote machine. Is this possible? Thanks for any help! Ted (Also, if anyone knows of a Mac app like the Remote app for iPhone, I would love to hear about it.)
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