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  1. Hi Andrew, thank you for your response. Yes this works fine. Changing the scripts in the workflows to use the Z-Shell allows them to run. However, they still do not seem to be able to read data from external files, although they can write to them? It all seems a little odd. I've tried updating my bash install and all seems to be fine there. To be honest it all seems rather strange; sounds like something that I could spend a very long time trying to debug. Probably not worth my time or yours. So unless you have any good ideas I might just wait until I have time to reinstall OSX and see if that resolves the issue. Thanks for creating such a wonderful application.
  2. Additionally system commands like 'sleep' and 'restart', 'emptytrash' do not work, although 'lock' does! The confirmation box comes up but then nothing happens. also the terminal/shell feature does not seem to work for example '> killall Finder' does nothing; the alfred prompt simply closes. For reference there does not seem to be any thing relevant in the console app. Josh
  3. Hi all I have a rather odd problem. When I use Alfred 2 iTunes mini-player I get the following message: https://www.dropbox.com/s/boy2l3k4d90foyr/alf_miniplayer_error.png Unable to compile script 'itunes' You really shouldn't be seeing this message! Alfred compiles and caches AppleScripts to make things faster. Something has happened which has prevented Alfred from doing this for e.g. osacompile does not exist or there is a permissions problem. Alfred will fall back to internally compiling scripts when it needs them.‚Äč The mini-player does then work, but i feel that this is likely linked to my next issue. Multiple workflows do not work. examples from the web are: Spotify Mini Player 2.8 -> https://github.com/vdesabou/alfred-spotify-mini-player OmniFocus Task Actions -> http://markokaestner.com Command Help -> https://github.com/shawnrice/alfred2-workflow-help They all install fine and appear in the Alfred window however their execution does nothing. https://www.dropbox.com/s/z3m72qqcqucco9t/alf_spot1.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/l4b3s4xq87xrmhu/alfspot2.png I have tried all of the obvious things such as reinstalling Alfred, repairing permissions on my mac reinstalling workflows. Some workflows do work, but these do not use external files, or use bash internally e.t.c: Add to BusyCal -> http://www.ienno.de Workflow Searcher -> http://zlz.im/ I expect that this is something odd on my computer rather than a bug in Alfred but any advice or direction would be much appreciated. Are there any known conflicts e.t.c Yours hopefully Josh Alfred Version 2.0.5 (202) Runnning on OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.4 - mid 2010 macbook pro
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