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  1. +1 Just ran into this use case where I needed to drag & drop 3 files in the same directory that are similarly named (so I searched for the naming pattern).
  2. I'm modifying the Alfred Notion Workflow: https://github.com/wrjlewis/notion-search-alfred-workflow Here's my modified version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5gk76u8aln22opc/Notion Search_JZ.alfredworkflow?dl=0 Basically trying to pass whatever user's chosen from "Script Filter" to "Run script" Unfortunately, it's not working with AppleScript - fails because Alfred adds trailing white space (stripping it out doesn't work 🤔) set theQuery to item 1 of argv tell application "System Events" to tell process "Notion" click menu item
  3. I made some changes to @wrjlewis Workflow: * Added title search - use "nt" * Works with Notion Desktop instead of Notion web * Cosmetic changes in search results Download the workflow here if interested: https://github.com/johnathanz/notion-search-alfred-workflow
  4. @wrjlewis Thanks so much for creating this plugin. It's pretty awesome! @MasterBruce to have the plugin work with desktop version of Notion: 1) you click the Script in Alfred workflow 2) in the Script Field, search for the words (there should be 2 instances) http://www.notion.so/ 3) replace the text with: notion://www.notion.so/
  5. Hi everyone I recently switched over from Spotify to Apple Music. Love the fact that Alfred has Mini Player built in. However on a reboot, when I tried to start Mini player (using hot key, or "iTunes" keyword), it just crashes Alfred. To the extent where hot key used to invoke Alfred stops working. Activity Monitor lists Alfred has still fine. I'd have to kill Alfred from Activity Monitor, and restart it for Alfred to work again. Seem to only happen if I try to start Mini player when iTunes isn't already running. I'm used to how Alfred Spotif
  6. Hi there Alfred v3.2.1[768] currently hangs on Sierra 10.12.2 (Macbook Pro 2016) when opening an App for the first time. What is happening is Mac's "are you sure you want to open this app, you just downloaded it from the internet" () appears behind Alfred, with the window focus, freezing the Alfred window. Steps to repeat: 1) Download an app like Bartender, Skitch etc from the web 2) Move the app to Application folder, give Alfred about 2 sec to index it 3) Try to open the new Application with Alfred (i.e. CMD-Space, type "Bartender", press En
  7. What I've done is add Evernote as an app under "User & Groups" > Login With the "hide" option ticked. This way Evernote starts on bootup and you don't get the issues as mentioned. Carlos-Sz, I'm curious as to how "ent" works, I thought it would only search through the title of the notes, but that doesn't seem to be case (see attached screens for "ent" and "ens" comparisons). May be I'm understanding this wrong? ent http://imgur.com/1s1vinR,ozsgtcP#1 ens http://imgur.com/1s1vinR,ozsgtcP This is a brand new install of the latest plugin as of yesterday. Agai
  8. Hi there is there anyway to launch an application (e.g. Marked 2) with a specific path? I'm trying to open a file with an application that I wish for Alfred to launch, so something along the lines of: "marked 2 <path to file>" Should hopefully open the file in marked 2. Thanks!
  9. Hey mannie, thank you for creating this workflow. It's awesome on steriods. How do I include a tag as part of creating a new task? It doesn't appear to be documented at: http://mannieschumpert.com/quicktask/ Thanks!
  10. The process I use to query a note is: e.g. type 'ent recipes', and press CMD-2, CMD-X to get the right note. Pressing ENTER after typing 'ent recipes' will only show me Evernote. I think it's an issue with having too many desktops. I usually have up to 5 desktops running across 2 monitors. And the script basically brings up the note on one of the other desktop that's not in focus right now. Is there anyway to modify the script give the note focus?
  11. Carlos-sz. When I use the workflow to say find a note, Evernote stays in the background. I have to CMD-TAB to evernote after every search (ent, ens) inorder to see the results. Is this a result of the workflow or evernote itself?
  12. Carlos-Sz, this workflow rocks! I registered on the forum just to say thank you so much for sharing!
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