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  1. Hi! No, you're probably right. I have a custom web search setup exactly as you describe and I use it most of the time. I wrote this workflow since I'm collecting references for my thesis and would like to get directly to the summary page. It is of course possible to spell out the tags in the custom web search, but I was too lazy to do that so I spent some time figuring this out instead. I wonder if I will save the time it took me to come up with the workflow by not having to write [ta] [vi] and [pg]... Perhaps not!
  2. This workflow searches PubMed for articles where you already have the journal, volume and page information. Just put in an articles journal, volume and page information separated by commas e.g. "ups j med sci,117,132" The workflow then searches PubMed with appropriate tags appended to journal, volume and page ("ups j med sci[ta] 117[vi] 132[pg]") making it a breeze to identify articles from reference lists. Download here: PubMed workflow
  3. Now it works! The workflow now takes my string, parses it and sends it to PubMed in my desired format. What was missing was the part in the AppleScript that told System Events in which process the tell should be sent to. Now it is time to share my first working workflow! Thanks for your help! Cheers, Tobias
  4. Hi David! Actually I looked at the workflow from the link you mention and it is not really what I'm after. I would like to write a string in Alfred in the format Journal,volume,page. Then my script parses that to Journal[ta] volume[vi] page[pg]. If you search PubMed with those terms it is almost impossible to fail in finding the article. This comes in handy when you know which article you are looking for and just need to find it (when you're write your thesis, which I should be doing). For those occasions when I would like to search PubMed the "regular way" I've set up a custom web search (not
  5. I have attempted to create a workflow that search Pubmed.org for scientific articles. The idea is to enter a string into Alfred 2 separated by commas and have a bash script parse the output so that it is formatted for searching the website. I'm doing this by triggering input with a keyword and then running the script. The output is an Applescript calling Alfred 2 to search for a keyword pointing at a second part of the workflow which is an "open URL" action. The problem is that when calling Alfred 2 back, sometimes it emulates pressing enter and sometimes not leaving Alfred 2 open with the par
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