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  1. [edit] Can't edit the title, but the name of the workflow is Dropbox Sync Toggle. The original CloudDrive Toggler and newer Clouds workflows stop and start the Dropbox application. This method uses Unix process signals to pause and continue the Dropbox process. If you only use Dropbox, I think you'll like this workflow for two reasons: 1. There's no delay when pausing and continuing -- Dropbox picks up right where it left off 2. It's a whopping 1KB in size The readme, source, and workflow can be found at https://github.com/n3bulous/dropbox-sync-toggle. Direct download: https://github.com/n3bulous/dropbox-sync-toggle/raw/master/dropbox-sync-toggle.alfredworkflow If you find any problems, or have any requests, please create an issue in the project's Github issue tracker: https://github.com/n3bulous/dropbox-sync-toggle/issues Cheers, Kevin
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