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  1. Oops. Sorry guys, ironically I ended up switching to dropbox, so my Box.com links are dead. Here is a link to the original file (which I've not maintained since first posting, but it should get your started.
  2. Smirky - awesome app and thank you for posting it. One wish list item for you to consider if you get back to working on this app: Would it be possible to edit your script to allow multiple devices to be selected as opposed to just one at a time? I sometimes want to pipe music to several rooms in my house at once and this would be a great addition.And then one tip for anyone else trying to automate some of this via remote. The first way I did it was to add a remote page that triggers this workflow, and then a series of other "Dispatch Key Combo" buttons that send the CMD 1, CMD 2, CMD 3, et
  3. Well, it looks like I sold myself short. I was able to create a poor man's hack of a Box client. Improvements welcomed, but in the meantime, it works. From the brief readme I created: Purpose: Search your Box.com sync’d folders for files, and when selected copy the link of that file to the clipboard for easy sharing. For the app to work, the files must be stored on your machine and you must be running the Mac Box client. Usage: On first use, click the “File Filter” box and set the search scope to only search your Box.com sync’d folder.
  4. Hi all - I've tried searching, but since box is a 3-letter word and the forum wants 4-letter or more searches, it's hard to know if I'm missing it or if there really is no client. What I'm looking for (and unfortunately not smart enough to program myself) is a Box client like the Dropbox client that I did find via search. The use case I'd find quite valuable is finding a file stored in Box and then copying the sharing link to the clipboard for easy sharing. If anyone knows this exists, I'd be extremely appreciative for a pointer to the right workflow. Thanks!
  5. Thanks a ton. This is hugely useful for me (and hopefully a few other people as well). Hopefully future googlers are able to find their way here. I know from searching for a solution before coming here that there are at least a few people looking for this same implementation. I'll post links where I can to provide more exposure to Alfred and your script MacGeeky. Let me know if I can buy you a beer.
  6. MacGeeky - this is awesome, thank you for creating it. One suggestion/request for you would be to create additional shortcut options so that tabs 2-9 can be directly selected via keyboard shortcut as well (like Chrome/Firefox does it, and Safari does not). I'm not savvy enough to edit your 'firstTab' shortcut to do the others, but if you could add them I'd be quite grateful. Just in case that's not clear, what I'm talking about is: FirstTab = Command-1 (or whatever custom shortcut a user wants) SecondTab = Command-2 (or custom) etc.. Thanks again for posting. It's a really u
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