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  1. Hey all, wanted to revive this old topic and chip in my hopes for the impossible - to see Alfred take on Windows. Back in 2006 I ran mainly OS X workflows and Quicksilver had quickly become my favorite piece of software. Before I ended up switching back over to fully using Windows a year and a half ago I had the chance to try out Alfred and I fell in love with its simplicity and speed, but huge swiss army knife of built-in options. Every Windows machine i've touched since using Quicksilver has had Launchy installed on it as soon as I could. But unfortunatly Launchy has stagnated since 2010 and the plugin community has become equally dead. Its total feature set, even including a handful of plugins, pales in comparison to the power of programs like Quicksilver and Alfred. We really need someone to step up to the task and create the next big productivity launcher/app on the Windows space. Launchy was drenched in love and awards when it came out, there's obviously some kind of demand out there for it. Whether it is Alfred, or someone else stumbling upon this very topic and post a year from now and getting inspired to build the next big productivity program for Windows. I just hope that one day we'll get to have something as beautiful, fast and fully-featured as Alfred/Quicksilver. I'd like to also give thanks to the Alfred team for making such a powerful app even if it's one I can't use.
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