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  1. I’ve created a simple workflow to toggle between audio outputs. It works fine on my setup; one MacBook Pro and one Apple TV. However, currently the workflow only works out of the box on Norwegian OS X systems, since two Norwegian words used in System Preferences are hardcoded in the workflow. To be honest, I found the code to toggle between the audio outputs somewhere on the Internet, and I’m not really sure how it works. I’m not even sure it will work if you’ve got more than two sources. Is there any way to fix the language dependency, and make sure it works with i.e. several Apple TVs? It would also be nice to return the name of the new active audio source. Workflow: http://cl.ly/NE2J
  2. Just a simple workflow to open the current Safari tab in Google Chrome. Useful if you, like me, have uninstalled flash, but occasionally need it for sites that doesn’t know about HTML5. As you probably know, Google Chrome comes bundled with flash. Download here or from AlfPT (Open current Safari tab in Chrome).
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