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  1. Hey all, I often find myself typing in my local IP address on a phone or tablet to test web sites or apps as I'm developing them. I wrote this workflow to punch out my IP in huge digits so I can see it across a room or office. It also copies the address to your clipboard. Download on the releases page - https://github.com/asimpson/Large-IP-Address-Alfred-Workflow
  2. An awesome way to filter through your favorited StackOverflow questions. Download it over on Github
  3. Simple workflow to create a date-stamped note in nvAlt. This workflow simply prepends the date to whatever text you pass in as the argument. Download link - http://cl.ly/283S1q210H3h
  4. This workflow converts and replaces Javascript on your clipboard to Coffeescript. To use: Copy whatever Javascript you want converted (i.e. A Gruntfile config block, a Stackoverflow answer). Invoke Alfred and type 'JS2'. Wait for notification (could take a few seconds on first run). Hit paste wherever you want your Coffeescript. Requirements: Node and npm must be installed Download: Get the latest version by downloading the latest binary release from Github. Support: Please log any issues via Github issues. Thanks!
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