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  1. Thanks, that's helpful. I have no doubt workflows are powerful, but Alfred's fills a much simpler niche for me. Unless workflows can actually type papers for me, v2 would have to bring other things to the table for me to upgrade. I've thought about running the free version of v2, but it's not clear that I can do that without losing v1
  2. Yeah, workflows are nice, but not something I'll need (at least not the advanced ones). 99% of my Alfred use is launching programs, finding/opening files, web searches, and the calculator function. Workflows, while cool, are not something I'm overly concerned about.
  3. I'm trying to decide if I should upgrade to Alfred V1+Powerpack to v2. So far (and it may just be that my Google-Fu is not strong), I can't find a comprehensive comparison of v1 and v2. Sure, there're a few blog posts scattered about, but I don't see something along the lines of a "if you upgrade to V2, here's what you'll get:" list. Since v1 is working great, I'm loathe to upgrade "blind," but if it's worth my while, I want to upgrade before prices jump. Can someone point me a comparison of Alfred v1 & v2? And maybe another comparison of Powerpac.v1 & Powerpack v2? Thanks. EDI
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