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  1. Since switching to High Sierra, some of the folders that a frequent no longer seem to be turning up when I trigger Alfred and type "open" and then the first few characters of the folder name; not even when i type the entire folder name. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to let Alfred know the names of "frequent flyer" folders? Thanks!
  2. I've got that checked, but alas that only does what I want if I double click a folder from within Finder, and while I have the command key pressed. Opening a folder from anywhere else opens as a new window.
  3. One way in which I use Alfred a lot is to navigate to frequently-accessed folders using "open" + the first letter or two of the folder name. I'm wondering whether it is possible to have these folders open as new tabs in an already-existing Finder window, if one is present – rather than as new Finder windows? Thanks.
  4. I solved it myself when I saw the way my URL pasted in the message above. I replace "^" with "%5E" and everything clicked! Thanks again, nonetheless.
  5. I'm trying to open the following URL in a workflow: http://catalog.alpl.org/uhtbin/cgisirsi/x/0/0/5?searchdata1={query}&srchfield1=GENERAL^SUBJECT^GENERAL^^words+or+phrase&submit=Search and Alfred doesn't seem to like the "^" characters. Is there a way to make them work? Thanks!
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