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  1. Thanks. Apologies, didn't see that post. Have added a comment to it.
  2. +1 On this. I love Alfred's ability to access multiple entries on the clipboard and its greater flexibility in deploying key combos in Snippets than Textexpander can. However, I find it confusing that a workflow triggered by a snippet doesn't appear as an actual snippet elsewhere within Alfred. It just seems a bit muddled / not fully-formed at present.
  3. Hi, I just wanted to check if I'm missing something. If I have a workflow that kicks off with a snippet as its trigger, that snippet has no visibility in the Snippets section of Alfred? Is that correct? As I say, I could have well missed something but would have thought it would be handy to have them automatically appear in a Workflows Collection, that's all. Thanks
  4. Great stuff. Cheers Andrew. I was up to speed with the chaining and delays. I was just tying myself up in knots regarding the text/snippet element. Didn't think to use the "Copy to Clipboard" object, Thanks so much for your help.
  5. Hi, I've been digging around in snippets and workflows but am unable to achieve the following goal. If anyone has any ideas on whether or not this is achievable, I'd really welcome your input. This is what I'd like to do. Type keyword which expands first snippet of plain text A keystroke enters the text ⌘→ then gets run (key combo object?) A second snippet of multiline text gets expanded Ordinarily I would just use Textexpander, but it doesn't support the key combo which Alfred does. Thanks again
  6. Now works as expected.
  7. Thanks. it was hard work, but I finally got them to acknowledge the issue with the REST API. Relevant dev to resolve was off until Jan. I’ve followed up this week for an update on when it’s likely to be sorted, but no news as yet.
  8. Every time I start adding the text for a new task, I'm now getting this notification pinging on my desktop. I've not made any changes that I'm aware of. Is there a known way to remedy or stop this from occurring?
  9. Cheers. I've followed up with them again too.
  10. It used to work. I've already raised it with them, but this is what they said. I don't think the support person really grasped what I was on about. "Thanks for reaching out to us. From your description of the issue it seems that the issue is with the integrations using the API. It seems they are not using the auto_reminder property when creating tasks and so no default reminder gets added when creating the task. More information can be found here - https://developer.todoist.com/sync/v8/#add-an-item . We recommend reporting this to the developers of those apps/integrations so that they can make the adjustments for you." They've definitely made changes on their front-end lately to reminders. They've added a "before task" option. So if a task has already got an auto-reminder set by virtue of its date/time, when adding another reminder, you can now select x mins / days before. This is definitely new. The only option before, apart from location, was to set another reminder on a specific time/date.
  11. It doesn’t work at present unfortunately. Give it a go. Something has definitely changed their end in recent weeks. Anything I’ve added with natural language with a date/time, using your Workflow or Drafts on iOS (also uses REST API), now doesn’t create auto-reminders; the alarm clock icon. I only discovered the hard way; not being alerted about timed tasks. Upon investigating, I then found this different behaviour. So I will only send tasks to Todoist via your workflow and Drafts. I will then set dates and times in Todoist so that auto-reminders get applied.
  12. Hi, I've noticed that if I use the workflow to add a task to Todoist, say, "empty bins, every wed 9pm," it won't be the same as if I had entered it natively on Todoist. In Todoist itself, any tasks I add with a date and time will get an "auto-reminder" added to them. This is signified by a little alarm clock icon next to the task. My automatic reminders are set up to trigger "0 mins before." So when the date/time task is added via your workflow, this "auto reminder" doesn't get added making behaviour inconsistent with how my native Todoist set up works. There is an "auto_reminder" property in the API apparently, so could there be a way for a user of the workflow to toggle this to Y/N in the configuration/set up to ensure it is consistent with Todoist web/app? Thanks.
  13. Many thanks for this. However, it would be great if you could indicate where I'm supposed to put this? I'm in a dark room looking for the light switch at present. Cheers.
  14. Hello, I'm just curious if it would be possible to convert a bookmarklet, written in Javascript, so it could be instead triggered by an Alfred workflow using a hot key? The bookmarklets in question all act on Workflowy and they are detailed in the link below. So instead of being reliant upon selecting a bookmarklet from a folder in my favourites in Safari, I was hoping to invoke a hot key in Alfred to trigger the script. Any guidance on whether or not this would be possible would be appreciated. Thanks. https://rawbytz.wordpress.com/software/
  15. Thanks again. I'll explore this option but it's not really what I hoped for.
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