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  1. Thanks again. I'll explore this option but it's not really what I hoped for.
  2. Thanks for the info. I guess I'll stick with v1 until 2.1 delivers this much-needed visibility. Any rough timescales as to when v2 will get what was already available in v1?
  3. I dragged my heels somewhat upgrading my Powerpack to v2 but am now taking the plunge. I fully appreciate that things are now laid out in a very different manner to improve usability. However, one of the immediate issues I have come across is the lack of a clear overview of Hot Keys assigned to specific actions. In v1, under the Hot Keys tab, I could see actions listed under sections titled "Selected text," "Apps and files" etc with the corresponding Hot Key also listed. This was great for quickly ensuring consistency of modifiers depending upon the section. Now, unless I am missing something, the Workflows tab in v2 just lists all your workflows alphabetically. So is there anyway to 1) group workflows and 2) have some indication of Hot keys that maybe assigned without having to go in to the workflow itself? Any clarification something could give would be appreciated as I'm not exactly skipping cartwheels over the £10 I've just paid
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