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  1. Thank's for your reply, the problem is solved. Inside Preferences > Features > File Search The field "Previous Path" was "cmd + opt + /" i switched to "cmd + opt + :" and that's work, my keyboard layout is french (on mac book air). In this Case may be it's a bug no ? because "cmd + opt + /" it's not equal to "cmd + opt + =" witch trigger "Previous Path Window" I can't reproduce because when i click on "Previous Path" field for changing, i can't type "cmd + opt + =" that's trigger the Zoom in functionality, and the field doesn't intercept the hotkey. After that i have forced my keyboard layout to French.
  2. Hi, I have a problem with this Hotkey "cmd opt +", it's show something, but this Hotkey was already in use for Zoom in, How to disable this hotkey in alfred, i want to keep my "zoom in" without showing this window ? Thank's
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