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  1. Another note on this, some apps -- Little Snitch, in my example -- have issues with Translocated apps. It can't set firewall rules for the app because it looks like each launched instance of the app is actually a temporary copy of that app. I just have to remember not to use Alfred to 'Move to... /Applications' when I have an app in my Downloads folder. No big deal, but it would be great if Alfred either a) warned me, b) moved it properly, or c) just flat-out refused to move the file.
  2. Update: reboot plus five minutes, and Safari has returned! Very odd.
  3. Hi. Alfred no longer 'sees' Safari in the search results! Until now, [activate Alfred] + s has learned that I want Safari as my top hit. As of this morning, Safari doesn't even appear in the list! Screenshot attached. It doesn't matter how far down I scroll, she's not there. Typing 'sa' is enough to bring it up. I've tried doing that a bunch of times to trick Alfred in to recognising it, but no good. See second screenshot. This won't work for me – years of use has absolutely conditioned me to using 's' to activate Safari. I'm on: Alfred v3.6.1 macOS 10.13.5 I believe this came about after I un-checked Alfred Text Service in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility. I did this in service of diagnosing a non-Alfred bug. I forgot to re-check it, launched Alfred, it told me to check it, and I did. And I'm not doing anything differently than I did this morning. I've quit and re-launched Alfred. I have not yet rebooted, I haven't had a moment. I'll see if I can do that after I submit this and reply if it had any effect. Thanks, j.
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