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  1. That just works by default within any file filter list actually. You can also press `shift` on an item to get it to show up similar to how it does when pressing `space` within finder.
  2. For what it's worth, I've discovered that you can press ctrl to see the file navigator view for the file selected. Here's an example of that in action:
  3. I too would love for this feature to be added. Wouldn't it be pretty easy hide the implementation behind a check whether node is installed (a feature flag, if you will)? For example, in bash, I use this function to check whether something is installed: function probe { if hash $1 2>/dev/null; then echo "it doesn't exist" else echo "it does exist" fi } For example, this is what I get:
  4. Oh, man... this would improve workflows so much! Especially in terms of creating and sharing workflows. It's certainly much friendlier than digging through the workflow script looking for the variables to change.
  5. I'm not 100% sure whether this qualifies as a bug rather than a feature request, but this seems the best place to post about it: When using the file filter input in a workflow, it would be super handy to have it show previews and file info the way it does in the file navigator like this: Also, if animated gifs could actually animate in the preview as well, that would be *amazing*!
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