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  1. I often work on two macs side by side. And often create text/image/etc on one i need on the other. Right now, i paste it into a note to sync it to the other machine. Having alfred being able to sync just the current clipboard contents (not history) would be great.
  2. yeah, that would be great indeed! I see the clipboard file Alfred creates is a sqlite database. Would SqliteSync be an option to sync two databases or would that mess up Alfred?
  3. I installed the workflow posted by jarhead above. Using OF 2.04 it parses my text correctly except that the project description the two colons attached upfront. So @myContext::MyProject//MyNote results in a project that is named ::MyProject Any idea how I can lose the colons? BTW, using just one colon parses OK also but still has that colon attached to the Project/Task Name.
  4. Great Vero, thanks! I've made some mods to allow it to search for all office docs works perfectly now. joost
  5. How do I search for a file with "my search text" and of a certain filetype? Reading the docs, it seems I need to use the keyword "in" but how to I specify the filetype? E.g, if I want to find all excel files with the word "business" should I specify: "in business .xls" ? What if I have multiple keywords? Sorry for such a dumb question but between spotlight and alfred there are enough differences that aren't made clear in the doc.
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