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  1. I have for example the following workflow: it opens a terminal window and runs the different commands, no problem there. But as soon as I open a new tab it wil re-run the same commands for some reason.. How can I prevent this? Also i can't find the option anymore to make it headless. In the previous version there was an option to run the script without opening the terminal window, or am I mistaken?
  2. Yes I did read about the fact that whatever works in terminal works in run script. But thanks for the tip about the path, that solved the problem.
  3. I'm new to the update of alfred 2 and I'm having some problems when creating a workflow. i would like to run the following script: cd /application/language/nl_BE/LC_MESSAGES/ grep -v '^#: ' common.po > common.po.tmp && mv common.po.tmp common.po It works perfectly when I choose 'Actions -> run script' but nothing happens while when I use 'Actions -> terminal command' it works.
  4. I keep getting the update popup 'Alfred v2.0.6 (203) is now available'. I update and relaunch but it will still popup at a random time or when I open another application. Anyone else having this issue? I'm on Mountain lion.
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