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  1. Done. As Alfred is now called back after the actions I have removed the notification functionality.
  2. Update (v1.1): – Added ability to add to-dos in the target list using the ⌥ modifier key. – From now Alfred is called back after some actions. – Removed support for Notificator. – Simplified connections in workflow editor for better maintenance. – General code improvements.
  3. Things for Alfred Interact with Things 3 using Alfred. Download and Installation Download the workflow file from GitHub releases and install it by double-clicking on Things.alfredworklow. Usage Use the keyword todo to show Things lists and action any of them for displaying the corresponding to-dos. Action a to-do to display it in the Things UI. Try the modifier keys either in lists or in to-dos to know other actions. Contribute To report a bug or request a feature, please create an issue or submit a pull request on GitHub. Credits T
  4. It's working for me on the first public release.
  5. Hey, this is not related to the HS issue but once you look into it remember to change the location of the data folder by adopting the environment variable instead of hard coding the path, since Alfred 2 and 3 have different locations for persistent data. So you can use this: #Storage directory for API key PREFS="$alfred_workflow_data"
  6. You can edit the title by yourself .
  7. It would be a very welcome improvement. I'm fully supporting the campaign "Make Packal Great Again"! ?
  8. Update (v2.7) Removed support for OneUpdater. From now Alfred PDF Tools relies on Alfred-Workflow library for self-updating. Significant code improvements for better stability and maintenance.
  9. No, it doesn't. I'm pretty curious about this. @deanishe @vitor @Andrew?
  10. Hey @nikivi, how do you set the icon on the right side of Alfred's bar?
  11. With all due respect, but is it some kind of workflow for mentally disabled people?
  12. I set two file filters for searching the content of workflows' data and cache folder but only the first one is working. Doesn't Alfred index the cache folder?
  13. Now I see the workflow displays "api and 1 other" in the subtitle: Would it possible to achieve this on the workflow side with some improvement? Maybe with a tab press in the item all the methods matching the search term could be displayed.
  14. Would it be possible to make the search match both results when searching for add_item?
  15. @vitor, would it be possible to add a modifier key in recentscreenshots to copy the url on clipboard?
  16. Oh, I just didn't realize that I can't search into Workflow3 directly:
  17. I guess I should see a match parameter in add_item() method, am I wrong?
  18. @deanishe, the latest release of the docset is not reflecting the new match feature. I guess some problem with your commit occurred:
  19. The best way to distribute your workflows is GitHub releases. Doing it you can use OneUpdater which is a simple and convenient utility for keeping your workflow updated in users' machines.
  20. I had this problem, but I couldn't post anyway. EDIT: never mind I figured out what to do.
  21. Update (v1.1): Self-update feature * Added self-update feature. * Significant improvements in the code for better stability and maintenance.
  22. Great! I will start to use Alfred to browse Reddit from now!
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