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  1. No, it doesn't. I'm pretty curious about this. @deanishe @vitor @Andrew?
  2. Hey @nikivi, how do you set the icon on the right side of Alfred's bar?
  3. With all due respect, but is it some kind of workflow for mentally disabled people?
  4. I set two file filters for searching the content of workflows' data and cache folder but only the first one is working. Doesn't Alfred index the cache folder?
  5. Now I see the workflow displays "api and 1 other" in the subtitle: Would it possible to achieve this on the workflow side with some improvement? Maybe with a tab press in the item all the methods matching the search term could be displayed.
  6. Would it be possible to make the search match both results when searching for add_item?
  7. @vitor, would it be possible to add a modifier key in recentscreenshots to copy the url on clipboard?
  8. Oh, I just didn't realize that I can't search into Workflow3 directly:
  9. I guess I should see a match parameter in add_item() method, am I wrong?
  10. @deanishe, the latest release of the docset is not reflecting the new match feature. I guess some problem with your commit occurred:
  11. The best way to distribute your workflows is GitHub releases. Doing it you can use OneUpdater which is a simple and convenient utility for keeping your workflow updated in users' machines.
  12. I had this problem, but I couldn't post anyway. EDIT: never mind I figured out what to do.
  13. Update (v1.1): Self-update feature * Added self-update feature. * Significant improvements in the code for better stability and maintenance.
  14. Great! I will start to use Alfred to browse Reddit from now!
  15. Oh, I didn't realize that it would be "silenced" for a day. I thought it wouldn't show up again unless a new release came out so I planned to suggest a "silence" feature, though in this case there's nothing to point out. Thank you for clarifying.
  16. @deanishe, this link has a cleaner version of the code: http://jmp.sh/60JI8TR I just deleted the binary of the other link so you can use this last one.
  17. Here. The latest GitHub version is v1.0. If you have the cache cleared and change the workflow version to v0.9 the update item will be displayed. After actioning the item the update will be downloaded and you will be prompted to install the newer version. If you don't conclude the installation the Script Filter will no more display the update item unless you delete the __workflow_update_status.cpickle file. I assumed __workflow_update_status.cpickle file stored the version number of the latest release after the update is downloaded from GitHub and as a result the Script Filter couldn't display the update item again once the installation is not concluded by the user.
  18. Ok. There's another thing. If the update is downloaded but the user for any reason doesn't click on the update button in Alfred Preferences when prompted, the __workflow_update_status.cpickle file is updated in cache folder and the user will not be prompted again unless the .cpickle file is manually deleted. Is it also expected?
  19. @Guy Stan if you didn't do yet, run Fixum workflow to update old versions of Alfred-Workflow library bundled in Packal Search and other workflows. There's a bug in old versions of the library when running in macOS Sierra.
  20. @deanishe, I got the self-update feature to work, but I noticed in my tests that the script has to run twice in order to download the update. In the first run __workflow_update_status.cpickle and gh-releases-{github_slug}.cpickle are saved in the cache folder. Only in the second run the update is installed. Is this expected behavior or I'm doing something wrong?
  21. lol nikivi is one of my favorite internet trolls. I really appreciate his cynical sense of humor. It's a funny character undoubtedly.
  22. Yes it does. Btw, it's a case in which the translation was made literally. In most cases the "translation" for the Brazilian market gives some really stupid titles to the movies. "The Hangover", for example, was translated as "If you drink, don't get marry". "Lost in Translation" was translated as something like "Matches and Mismatches" (the idiot was literally lost in translation). They have to "translate" even a title that is a character's name like "Annie Hall", "translated" in Brazil as "Neurotic fiance, nervous bride". A ~tech related~ case is "Fear Dot Com", translated to Brazil as "Fear Dot Com Br" (yes, as it were not enough ridiculous adding the "Br", the genius forgot to include one more "Dot" to make "Dot Com Dot Br"). So I think you don't have much to complain about the English movie titles. lol
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