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  1. Menu Bar Search by Benzi Ahamed seems even faster to me.
  2. @deanishe, when I ask you a question you answer at once: 1) what I asked; 2) what I had planned to ask in the next post; 3) what I should have asked but I didn't because I am too dumb for it. You would make a great teacher. Thank you for being so awesome!
  3. Hey deanishe, I am thinking about starting to use Notify.app in some workflows of mine. From what I understand, I have to "install" the app with workflow.notify.install_notifier() so it's copied to data directory. I don't see the best implementation for this. Should I write my script in a way it checks if Notify.app is present in data directory otherwise workflow.notify.install_notifier() is executed? I feel there's a better way.
  4. Had you not shortened the update interval of OneUpdater?
  5. Update (v2.5.1) Bug fix Fixed a bug in the batch optimization flow.
  6. Update (v2.5): Ability to track the optimization process Added script filter to track the optimization process by the keyword progress, especially useful for large files.
  7. I tried to use settings API of alfred-workflow and had some issues. In some tests the last line of the subprocess output was not added to settings.json file. Using "with statements" to write and open the files I had no issues. Is wf.settings somewhat slow or bad for using in loops? This is working well: proc = Popen(command, shell=True, stdout=PIPE) page_number = 1 while proc.poll() is None: line = proc.stdout.readline() if "SOURCE PAGE" in line: with open(file_page_number, 'w') as f2: f2.write(str(page_number)) page_number = page_number + 1
  8. Thank you, @deanishe. I had already read a similar solution here. My problem is my subprocess is executed from a Run Script object and I need the capability of invoking a Script Filter whenever I want to check the progress (what can happen multiple times in a single execution with large files) . How can I better achieve this? Should I write the output of the subprocess in a file and retrieve the data with the Script Filter or there is any better way?
  9. @deanishe The Optimize action of this workflow executes a subprocess called k2pdfopt. While running, this subprocess outputs the progress of the operation (tipically informing the conclusion of each page of the PDF file). Look: Since the operation can take a long time in larger PDF files it would be very neat to show the progress of the operation in Alfred bar, maybe invoking a Script Filter or something that can inform how many pages were processed. Do you know if it's possible to retrieve the output of the subprocess for this purpose?
  10. In a non-English macOS "screen shot" is translated in accordance with the language.
  11. I don't know if it's your case but the workflow doesn't work if your default macOS language is not English.
  12. @deanishe any plans to release the stable version of Searchio 2.0 in the near future?
  13. In my case I don't have Chrome installed so I had to delete the following code block to get it working properly: if proc = "Google Chrome" then tell application "Google Chrome" set active tab index of front window to tabIndex end tell end if
  14. Thank you! The auto-update feature is pretty awesome!
  15. How the workflow works? I don't get to do a search.
  16. I'm not happy. The most funny thing in this forum was reading your angry posts in nikivi's threads.
  17. I have the same problem. Would love to know if there is any fix.
  18. Hello @MuppetGate! I have created a python workflow to calculate working days. I could send it to you for implementing such feature in your much more comprehensive workflow.
  19. Update (v2.4.2): Bug fix Fixed a bug that could create empty output files when splitting or slicing certain PDF files.
  20. Update (v2.4.1): Minor fix Fixed an issue that prevented notifications to be posted when the merge file action was followed by the ⌘ modifier key.
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