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  1. Is there any other feature from ilovepdf.com you would like to see in Alfred PDF Tools?
  2. Please, note you need to use the ⌘ modifier key if you want the pages in a single slice/file.
  3. It sounds interesting. I will look into this in the coming weeks.
  4. Date Calculator is an excellent workflow which can do this and much more.
  5. It's a keyword with no arguments. You just have to hit enter with no spaces and the compose window will open.
  6. If you enter 1,20,1 for start, stop, step you will have all pages from 1 to 20 of the source file. If you enter 1,20,2 you will include the start page and every page after a step of two pages so you will have in the output file the following pages of the source file: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19. If you enter 1,20,4 you have a step of four pages so the output file will have the following pages of the source file: 1, 5, 9, 13, 17. Note that the difference between the pages is equal to the step value (eg. 5 - 1 = 4; 9 - 5 = 4 and so on). No. Accordi
  7. Thank you! I will surely take a look on it on the next days.
  8. No problem. Feel free to ask any question or request a feature.
  9. I have concerns regarding the stability. In larger files the workflow needs more time to complete the encryption process so a batch encryption could not be as stable. In any case I will consider your request and make some tests to check if this can be implemented in a reliable way.
  10. You should not set any keyword or do any other change to make the workflow work. Revert back your changes or reinstall the workflow. Alfred PDF Tools is fully operated by file actions, so you just have to select one or more PDF files with Alfred, depending on the chosen action, and enter the user input once requested. The keyword elements are intended to get user input, not to trigger the action.
  11. Unfortunately it's not possible to change the logic to fit all the data unless I join the judge name and the phone number on a subtitle column so that I would have two script filters concatenated instead of three. My original plan was: Script Filter 1 – Title: city – Subtitle: none Script Filter 2 – Title: court – Subtitle: none Script Filter 3 – Title: judge name – Subtitle: court phone It would be great if ISYN had an optional argument in its command-line to set a row number to be single filtered by the
  12. I got my workflow to work with chained Script Filters. Thank you! So I have one more question: is there any way to make ISYN filter the content of an individual row? It's important for the logic of my workflow. I don't want to create a sheet for every single court with the judge name and phone number. It would be massive work.
  13. And it's not possible to have all data in a single Excel workbook even if I have to use more than one filter? Could you move my post to a new thread? I am a bit lost because I want to use this template to create a workflow, so I don't know if my questions are totally unrelated to this thread.
  14. Thank you for this template, @deanishe! I can't believe that I took so long to discover this. Let me do a question. I want to make a workflow as following: 1) the user selects a city; 2) the user selects a court from that city; 3) information (title and subtitle) of the selected court is displayed (basically the judge name and the court telephone). How can I get Alfred to continue filtering after the user hits enter on the selected city? Maybe this is more a question about script filters in general than this template itsel
  15. Thank you! Very handy. When I built Alfred PDF Tools using PyPDF2 I didn't figure out that this feature was possible.
  16. You missed another typo in rladd: eneter instead of enter.
  17. Could you provide an explanation on this function? def string_from_count(c): """Returns a fancy string to show in the workflow from the count item""" blue = "\\U0001F535\\U0000FE0F" white = "\\U000026AA\\U0000FE0F" black = "\\U000026AB\\U0000FE0F" ret = black + black + black + black + black + white + black + black + black + black + black mod = 2 * (5 - (c % 5)) return ret.decode('unicode_escape')[mod:][0:10]
  18. It would be a great boost on my productivity.
  19. Well, I am from Brazil and you live in Germany. Here is widespread that our connection speed (as almost everything else) is generally crap and yours is great, so that was an assumption I made. Until now I hadn't got any error message but I just tried to upload the file again and I finally got this dialog with a message: So it seems clear that the problem is the file size.
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