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  1. I have duplicate contacts on v3 though my problem is not Facebook related since I don't use Facebook contacts in Contacts.
  2. Oh, I had set the wrong action (continuity options instead iPhone call). Sorry for bug you!
  3. haha sorry for my bad english, Andrew. I cannot make iPhone calls anymore:
  4. Thank you for sharing. I have been searching for a package tracking API to create a workflow. So your workflow is very welcome, but it will only be really useful to me once I can search for saved tracking numbers.
  5. Update (v1.1.3): Fixed a bug that could create an empty output file when merging certain PDF files.
  6. Starting debug for 'WebScreenshot' [2016-07-28 12:36:13][ERROR: action.script] ./_licensed/imgur-screenshot/imgur-screenshot.sh: line 113: terminal-notifier: command not found ./_licensed/imgur-screenshot/imgur-screenshot.sh: line 113: terminal-notifier: command not found dyld: warning, LC_RPATH ~/Library/Frameworks in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/Flip4Mac WMA Import.component/Contents/MacOS/Flip4Mac WMA Import being ignored in restricted program because it is a relative path ./_licensed/imgur-screenshot/imgur-screenshot.sh: line 113: terminal-notifier: command not found
  7. Update (v1.1.2): Fixed a bug in Merge file action that may cause the output file is moved to trash when its name is identical to any of the input filenames.
  8. I have a very dumb question. When using the workflow I get links like this: file:///Users/usuario/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202016-07-25%20at%2017.04.24.png How can I manage to get a imgur direct link to post the image in this forum? What am I missing?
  9. input = dcalc 06/07/2016 +20d x weekends date format = dd/mm/yyyy The correct output should be 03/08/2016.
  10. Update (v1.1.1): Added ability to set the output filename when merging files.
  11. Alfred PDF Tools A workflow for Alfred 3. Description Optimize, encrypt and manipulate PDF files. Download and Installation Download the workflow file from GitHub releases and install it by double-clicking on Alfred PDF Tools.alfredworklow. Usage Alfred PDF Tools can be used by the following file actions: Optimize: Optimize the selected PDF files by entering the intended resolution of the output file (150 dpi is set once no value is input). The document will be improved on the process with increased contrast and text straightening. Invoke Alfred and
  12. Foursquare Search A workflow for Alfred 3. Download and Installation Download the workflow file either from GitHub releases or Packal website and install it by double-clicking on Foursquare Search.alfredworklow. Configuration and Usage Foursquare Search can be used by the following keywords: 4sqconfig to set a location (e.g., "Cupertino, CA") to the following searches; 4sqexplore to search intelligently by categories, venues names, tips etc (e.g., "pizza place"); 4sqsearch to search for venues by names. Contribute
  13. Atelier Dune Light seems to be the best available light theme for my taste. However I would like to see anything like the IDLE color scheme.
  14. Thank you for sharing! Could you suggest some good themes for white backgrounds? It seems most of them have poor contrast.
  15. Thank you Vero! I am editing the post after David Ferguson kindly send me a simple workflow with comments explaining the usage of Args and Vars utility.
  16. Yes, I had noticed that after the discussion. Thank you!
  17. Sorry for bumping the topic. Is there any feature in Alfred 3 to address this?
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