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  1. It's not working for me on 10.11 beta.
  2. On Alfred contacts card the phone number format is displayed unformatted when added by the OS X Contacts App, although it's well displayed when added by the iOS Contacts App. Look: Nevertheless, both fields are correctly displayed on Mac and iPhone Contacts App:
  3. If I change my system language to English I get results in Portuguese on ebay.com page also in Portuguese.
  4. I don't know if a Brazilian domain exists. If I browse ebay.com the website automatically detects my language and currency. P.S.: I don't know if it's relevant but whether I enter ebay.com.br I am redirected to ebay.com.
  5. Now I have the same problem with eBay Search in Portuguese language. shop.ebay.pt domain does not exist.
  6. Thank you for the quick and nice update! Would you consider to make dcalc today +30d and dcalc +30d give the same result?
  7. +1 for this question. I tried "dcalc today+30d x weekends" with no success. The "exclude weekends" feature would be very useful to me.
  8. Would be nice to have this workflow in Packal for future updates.
  9. It's not working for me too. I registered for an API but cannot set it up.
  10. Workflow does not work for me. In a search for the query "monsters" I get this error:
  11. The same goes for the enu command and the action for opening the note url by pressing function key? Both features no longer work for me.
  12. The first step fixed the problem. I didn't know this GUI for Packal Updater. Thank you, Shawn!
  13. I have the latest version of Spotifious workflow and Packal Updater suggests me a downgrade:
  14. I fixed the problem. That was not an issue. I just changed the language of the menu itens and now things work properly.
  15. It's not working for me. When I enter the command the old tab closes without opening a new one in private browsing.
  16. The issue was fixed for me by renaming "Airmail 2" to "Airmail".
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