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  1. You might want to use .applescript extension rather than .scpt on GitHub as the latter one is for compiled files and can't be read within the repo.
  2. Have you seen the post immediately above yours?
  3. Jesus, you're right! Because I never use these services I forgot they also live in the menu bar.
  4. If by macOS services you mean those you can see in the right-click menu the answer is "you can't". This workflow is meant to search the commands of the menu bar, not the right-click menu. Also that workflow was built for Alfred 2 and is currently unmaintained. This other one, written in Swift, is newer with a similar implementation and works with Alfred 3 and 4.
  5. Are these file managers worth it? I've never used any of them. What is the best one?
  6. It works for me, but with this important caveat: The rate limit makes the workflow unfeasible for my routine.
  7. Carlos, have you ever considered to push the source code of your workflows to GitHub? There's a lot of advantages on it: 1) better discoverability; 2) ease to document; 2) contributions from the community to expand the workflow, fix bugs and report issues; 3) versioned releases; 4) using OneUpdater to allow auto-updates. It's very simple, straightforward and even fun. Maybe you are familiar with all of this and just don't want to do it for whatever reason, but if it's not the case you can check out my Things workflow as a reference. It's written in AppleScript as well.
  8. I got very frustrated at Alfred 4 release as it hasn't addressed my expectation regarding a built-in update solution. Both Alfred-Workflow and OneUpdater are great on this, but they are unknown for most developers. An official repository + update feature are major demands in the community for years.
  9. Right-click on the workflow icon on Alfred Preferences and click on Open in Finder after that.
  10. The problem is the workflow data folder path is hard coded for Alfred 3. You can fix this by changing the line 7 of the workflow.scpt file to this: set my _data to (system attribute "alfred_workflow_data") I encourage @Carlos-Sz to use script environment variables in his workflows.
  11. Things and Spotify Mini Player have auto-update features so you don't need to worry about checking the forum for updates. Don't know about the other workflows you mentioned.
  12. Update (v1.7.1): Fixed a bug that prevents to-dos to be displayed in lists.
  13. Update (v1.7): Added support for tags. Added ability to interact with to-dos in projects. Adopts Quick Entry Panel for adding to-dos.
  14. Please, post the output of ioreg -l -n AppleSmartBattery -r and the battery level displayed on your menu bar at the time of that output.
  15. Is it possible to sort subreddits for the most recently accessed?
  16. What do you mean with "directly goes to 1PW"? In Alfred preferences you can change the keyword or even select the option "Show in default results" if you want to find 1PW bookmarks in the default results by name or url.
  17. Update (v2.16) • Fixed a bug that prevented the Crop file action to work properly on PDF files with mutiple pages.• PyPDF2 replaced with PyPDF4.
  18. Why don't you use a Script Filter for the second step?
  19. I don't know anything about PHP but I would bet the issue is related to the following line: preg_match("/^imdb\$.*?\((.*?)\)$/ms", $jsonp, $matches);
  20. You can download it on the releases page.
  21. Have you ever tried this workflow?
  22. I refuse to install any Node-based workflow for the sole reason they are not installed in the default workflow's installation folder.
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