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  1. The color of the icon doesn't suit well in Alfred dark themes. Please, consider to change the icon's color to suit both light and dark themes or add an option to change the icon according the theme.
  2. Thanks for sharing, @Browall! I'm happy for seeing a workflow for home automation. I personally think Alfred has a lot to do in this scope. That said, Packal is an unmaintained project and not at all the best way to distribute your workflow. You better go with GitHub releases. Just share the workflow binary in the releases page for each released version (I also place it in the repo). A good practice is place your source code within a folder named src or source while the README, the LICENSE and the binary stay outside this folder. Additionally, use the autoupdate feature of alfred-w
  3. Welcome to Alfred community. You can learn how to operate the workflow by holding the action modifiers keys and reading the item subtitles. In order to create a to-do just select the target list and use ⌥ + ↵.
  4. Update (v2.13): Added a Scale file action. Improved performance of the Split by File Size action. Allowed multiple PDF files selection for the Crop file action. Fixed a bug that prevents the user from splitting PDF files by file sizes smaller than 1 MB.
  5. Does it have a CLI? I'm searching for an OCR app with a CLI. May I reply here saying thank you and f*** you?
  6. @dfay, I have Prizmo 3 ($50 in MAS) that works poorly for Portuguese. Considering that OCRKit is only $30 in MAS I fear that its recognition accuracy for Portuguese is not so good. Could you process a single-page PDF file (sent by me) with the OCRKit Portuguese engine and send me the output?
  7. Nice. I'm buying the app. What's your native language? I hope it works well with Portuguese.
  8. Do you know if ORCKit's recognition accuracy is comparable to some renowned OCR engines like FineReader? I don't see any mention to the CLI in the App Store. Where can I read about it?
  9. Alfred PDF Tools is embedded with k2pdfopt which is a CLI that has OCR capability and works with Tesseract Open Source OCR engine. The problem is the use of Tesseract engine with k2pdfopt requires the download of the language training files and additional configuration by the user (more info here). Trying another open source OCR engine would be an option, but we have to consider if increasing the already large workflow file size (12 MB) would worth it. Maybe the OCR feature would be a work for another workflow. In any case I'm open for suggestions.
  10. Update (v2.12) Fixed a critical bug in Split by File Size action that under certain circumstances created files in infinite loop. Improved performance of Split by File Size and Optimize file actions. Renames to suffix the environment variable in workflow’s configuration sheet.
  11. Update (v2.11) Added a tag environment variable to the configuration sheet allowing the user to set his own tag for filenames once split and slice file actions output multiple files (part is default).
  12. Nevermind. I just saw some posts above I could fix the issue rebuilding redcarpet.
  13. Update (v2.10) Added a Crop file action to convert two-column pages in single pages. Fixed a bug that affects some file actions once the PDF file contains links.
  14. I'm getting this with the latest version: [2018-02-26 22:14:57][ERROR: action.script] /System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/2.3/usr/lib/ruby/2.3.0/rubygems/core_ext/kernel_require.rb:55:in `require': dlopen(/Users/****/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.A1917321-BE3A-4788-9739-881D004B077D/_licensed/Redcarpet/gems/redcarpet-3.4.0/lib/redcarpet.bundle, 0x0009): required dylib '/System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/2.0/usr/lib/libruby.2.0.0.dylib' not found, needed by '/Users/****/Library/Application Support/
  15. If you have upgraded to Alfred 3 recently, it should be the problem. Here's a link with the fixed workflow.
  16. If the keyword todo is not working for you, please paste here what you get in the debug console after typing it.
  17. I don't know others, but I'd rather the default action was auto paste.
  18. I'm having issues with Google engines and Amazon. Wikipédia and DuckDuckGo are ok.
  19. Hey @deanishe, just here to say thank you for the great enhancements in the last Searchio! 2.0 pre-release! The info.plist rewriting mechanism works like magic!
  20. But deanishe talked about "the actual API for talking to applications".
  21. What do you mean with "almost never documented"? I thought JXA had a dictionary similarly to AppleScript.
  22. I am thinking about to learn JXA so rewriting my Things workflow, originally written in AppleScript, feels a good opportunity. How do you guys see JXA in comparison to AS? Should I expect some gain in performance? Is there any workflow library for JXA? Maybe rewriting my workflow would not worth the effort if there isn't any workflow library for Alfred feedback generation in XML or JSON.
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