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  1. Update (v1.4.2) Added new icons for projects and to dos.
  2. Not working for me with VirtualBox 5.2. Nothing relevant in debug console. EDIT: nevermind, now I see there's an open issue in GitHub.
  3. Can you confirm if is there any workflow feature not working with Things 2?
  4. Update (v1.4.1) Fixed a bug that caused the wrong list was displayed in Things UI when a to do was actioned in Alfred. Minor code improvements.
  5. It's not an issue with Alfred version. High Sierra has introduced some changes on how the history is stored. You can use this workflow for searching Safari history which is HS compatible.
  6. Update (v1.3.1) Added new areas icon for consistency with Things app. Fixed a bug that could cause conflicts in some actions when multiple to dos in different lists had the same title.
  7. Nice workflow. But I'm missing the Steve Jobs glasses. These are more from Bill Gates.
  8. The documentation search is a very handy functionality for workflow developers in general. I simplified the workflow to this single feature for my personal use.
  9. Deanishe, sorry for hijacking the thread for a simple question. But what versioning criteria do you use to release a new major version? I have read about SemVer that a new major version should come out when "any backwards incompatible changes are introduced to the public API". What can this mean in terms of an Alfred Workflow? Would it be the case of a new version for Alfred 3 that becomes incompatible with Alfred 2? Can I release a new major version just because of significant new features?
  10. Update (v2.9) Added progress bar for a more friendly tracking of the Optimize action. Thanks @jeffsui for the sample workflow and @deanishe for his contribution in that thread: _
  11. Oh, I didn't know the workflow worked with Things 2. In this case I might consider to set the icons of Anytime and Upcoming lists for Next and Scheduled. What do you think about this idea? Besides that, is there any workflow feature not working with Things 2?
  12. What do you mean here? I didn't get it, probably because of my bad English.
  13. Update (v1.3) This update changes how deadlines are displayed in subtitles for consistency with Things; Simplified connections in Alfred editor for better maintenance.
  14. Right-click on the workflow in Alfred Preferences and choose Open in Finder so you can edit its files.
  15. The most disruptive workflow in my opinion is an utility: OneUpdater by @vitor. Download it, update your workflows with the new features of v3 and set OneUpdater in all of them to ensure the Alfred community is up to date. Btw, could you update your Pirate Bay workflow using the variable for the cache folder? You hard coded the path of v2.
  16. Does the API enable us to mark events as "going" or "interested"? If so you could build the workflow to list all events that we are invited and we could conveniently use Alfred modifier keys to confirm, decline or show our interest on them. Otherwise the default use case would be better (I'm considering that replying to an event includes mark them as "going" or "interested", is this right?).
  17. No problem, you were not rude at all. Sometimes I just don't manage to make the question right because I don't understand entirely what my problem is. At the end it was a bit more complicated than a simple list, so I created a workflow that generates a dict by user input and the data is stored in a single file using Workflow.store_data(). It was helpful to improve my knowledge on dict.
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