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  1. ok. did a quick look as I'm heading out on a trip . Now enm shows the reminders sorted by due date - that's handy End doesn't look any difference - a bunch of the items with unfinished to dos - not any of most recent ones and it's not clear to me why those were selected.
  2. for the end keyword.. I tried it and It does show a selection of evernote items with todo items.. But what's the algorithm for which ones it decides to show me? I'm looking at the list and can't figure why its showing the list I'm getting : it's not the most recent, not the least recent? Same thing for reminders - I get a list - but what determines the order they are displayed in?
  3. yes.. after I couldn't understand the results I was getting so I had a look at your script . I could see it was searching for notes in the last 7 days... I had over 100 entries in the last 7 days. So I went and looked at what were the notes from 7 days ago - and those were the ones that were showing at the top of the list.. then some from 6 days ago, then that was all the were shown. so.. I expect if you only had about 18 or less notes in the last 7 days, it would show you all of them - oldest first. on the shortcuts - it's just notes in my shortcut list - and it reliably finds the first one on the list, but no others. I checked by moving them around - if I move a different shortcut to be first on my list then it finds that, but not any others. It's like the the script is not finding the delimiter you are expecting between the list items.
  4. chiming in here.. neither enr or enc work as I expect (i'm on a mac if that makes any difference) For enr - what I think it's doing - the script is searching for items in the last 7 days. But it shows them oldest first. So if you've had a lot of activity what you end up with is a list of notes from 6 or 7 days ago. I would want them to be shown most recent first. For enc what I get is the first shortcut on the list and only that I think the list parsing isn't working correctly - from a quick look at the script, it Iooks like the delimiter that's being looked for isn't found - so since it's never found, it seems like it's only one element and that's what's shown. (that's an very uneducated quess)
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