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  1. Within the Chrome App itself, it looks like this: So I'm wondering if when I ask Alfred to search YouTube, can the search be performed here so it opens the app instead of a regular browser page? Alternatively, maybe it can search and open on a browser, but maybe have Alfred choose to open the Chrome App by clicking the button right side of the address search bar? Thank you in advance! Appreciate it!
  2. Hi Vitor, thank you so much for your response. The app is from Google Chrome, I have attached some screenshots here. On Chrome in Mac, there is a button up here that you can click and "install" YouTube or YouTube Music or Google Photos or Google Drive. The icons look like this once pinned to the button.
  3. Hello, I just purchased the PowerPack and am learning how to use Alfred! I have a quick question, please help! Right now if I search "YouTube {query}" it goes to a browser, opens YouTube web, and does the search. I'm using YouTube app on my Mac however, I don't open YouTube on my browser. Is there a way to make Alfred open the application and search YouTube within the App instead of on the browser? Thank you so much!
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