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  1. I think I qualify? Mail sent. (Image is a custom remote that works with IINA, VLC and other media players where you change *their* key bindings). Mail sent.
  2. I found a "workaround" for Apple's stupid Mojave bug. You guys are going to LOVE this: Made a couple Applescripts with code like this, on run tell application "System Events" key code 123 using {control down} end tell end run ...ran into the "error 1002, keystrokes not permitted" bug/dumb feature, so...Had to make unique scripts, exported to apps in Script debugger, no save-as fun allowed. Dragged each into Security & Privacy > Accessibility, went thru dialogs that added the unique apps into Automation > System Events... (see image) The
  3. Okay, bear with me: I have a stupid simple keybinding + Alfred Remote buttons that I've set up in macOS that's worked forever in macOS up until Mojave. Let's set it up: 1 Open PrefPanes > Keyboard > Shortcuts Tab > Mission Control 2 Set "Move Left a Space' to cntl-LeftArrow, and "Move Right a Space" to cntl-RIghtArrow Confirm that you can now do this with your keyboard. Still with me? 3 Go to Alfred Remote make a new remote 4 Make a keybinding button "Cntl-LeftArrow" 5 Make another one, "Cntl-RightArrow" On any other OS previous to Mojave thes
  4. I know that Alfred has key bindings for the Mini-Player per these helpnotes: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/itunes/ I have a two part Feature Request: * I'd like key bindings that work "all the time" (globally, Player invoked or not) like Simplify.app. All I need is global key bindings, not another Mini-Player. Whether the Mini Player is "frontmost" or not. I would use Cntl-Opt-Cmd+ keys for stars, up/down arrow for volume, L/R arrow for prev/next, etc. Simplify allows me to define these key bindings, but it's a bit flakey on El Cap. So maybe this means.... * I'd l
  5. Buuut these aren't OSX or iOS icons, these are "Remote Buttons" -- it's also why I wanted it to be an "option" like a checkbox or a radio button on that App sheet (if it's an "either-or" scenario.) I *am* using the Veritrope command I posted above, but again: 1/ It's tedious to do this with Automator Apps or Alfred Workflows when I could just "drag the instance" of the App to make the button, and 2/ It can be SLOW or misfire. I'm hoping the Alfred folks make things "really easy" in this respect. I don't want users constrained. I want beginners to have "more choice" with regards to "tog
  6. You create all workflows and icons on your Mac. I've "saved out" Automator Apps and then applied other App icons. Example: I have a "SixtyFour Agent Toggle" workflow I made. Dragged it in the first time and it got the Automator Robot icon. But then, I "stole" the icon from SixtyFour Agent, pasted it on the App, re-dragged it into the Remote Page, and viola, new App icon shows up when I connect to Remote server. This really works. See this tweet for the results.
  7. This is a feature request for Alfred REMOTE. Area Pages > Dragging Apps directly to Remote pages. Hello... I know that when you drag an App you have the option (on double clicking on Remote > Page > App) to "Toggle Visibility". It's very nice but Show/Hide is not "on/off." Can we have an option to also "Toggle the App Run State"...? Real "on/off"...? Yes, in English I want to toggle whether the App is "ON" (launched, running) or "OFF" (quit) Yes, I know I can do this by making involved workflows and using a toggle script like this one, but on a per-App basis this get
  8. I have a feature request, something that I REALLY MISS from Otto's Remote. Instead of going through the watusi of either: * Saving Automator workflows as "App" and then having to give permission to Accessibility in order to run, or * Storing the Automator workflows a separate directory and then embedding the "automator" shellscript command inside an Alfred workflow in order to run an Automator workflow... arrrgh, too much recursion. I'd like to do what I do in Otto: 1/ Make an Automator Workflow (not App). Reason: Automator has a bug with "watch me do" where the *Workflow*
  9. So I read how Alfred propagates a list of folders that you have visited when you use the Move or Copy feature. My question is, how or when is this list cleared? I futzed a Move and now have /Volumes in the list. Uh.. How can I clear /Volumes or is there a keyboard shortcut to delete folders from this list?? Or is there some way to clear the list (except for the default folders I first saw?
  10. The script doesn't work because you MUST enter a password to sudo. I've modified Sebbo's commands as you might need the Apple System Logs, and put it into an NSAppleScript command. So here it is. This script will work on locked and busy files, which is why you'd force empty the trash, right? You've been warned. For any sudo command, you MUST put it into an NS and not a background OSA script because you have to enter your admin password ONCE for every sudo session. That's just how Unix (even in OSX) works. So yes, you will get that auth dialog, you'll key in your admin password (you're on
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