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  1. I'm not getting any results. Is this still working?
  2. Has there been a solution to exclude node_modules and/or specific named folders from being indexed? Not just filtering as denishe mentioned?
  3. Thanks! I liked this. But is it possible to make it open in a new window instead?
  4. This is my first attempt at writing a workflow. Not sure where I could get more information about this. So, I created a new workflow with a Hotkey as the trigger. It will pass the argument to workflow and has the Selection in OSX as the argument. I want to be able to manipulate this argument (specifically just to add a suffix, I know prefix is right there staring at my face) before passing it to the Google search workflow. I want to know if its possible to do more complex manipulations (maybe through the use of bash/python/php scripts) other than prepending and appending text.
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