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  1. I've always been frustrated by the lack of keyboard short cut to open apps that have been minimized to the dock. As far as I can tell, if an app is minimized it stays there until you click on it. If there is better way, please tell me! I'd love to use command+tab to select the app then hit O (for open) or something like that. Is this something Alfred could do? For example: keyword "od" Word. And Word would open from the dock. Thoughts? Thank you!
  2. No, I think if it was possible someone would have done it by now…. :(
  3. I think I know the answer to this already. Is there a way to replicate the look of the Sonoma search bar? I like the grey lines and spaces between the result types but don't believe there is a way to include them in a custom theme. Anyone know a way to do that? Thanks!
  4. I've tested with Word and Powerpoint (for Mac) I've attached two screen shots. The list of recents files in the app doesn't match the list of recent files in Alfred. Alfred shows some opened weeks ago.
  5. Hello! I'm fairly new to Alfred and just discovered the Recent Documents feature (search for app, right arrow, right arrow). What shows are documents from the past but definitely not the most recent. No matter how many new ones I open, its only a few of the most recent and a bunch from weeks ago. Is there a setting I can change to correct this, or a way to train it? Thanks!
  6. Thank you both; you just helped me build my very first successful workflow. Baby steps.
  7. Hello! When I grade student papers I often like to quote some of their work as examples. I'd love a keyword where I can select the text, hit the keyword, and have quotation marks appear at the beginning and end of the selected text. I haven't seen anything like this, but it seems like it must be possible. Any ideas? Thank you! David
  8. Hi Vero, that did it, thank you so much!
  9. Thanks for the assist. I've attached some screen shots of the workflow and results. This is my workflow. These are the settings. These are the results. It shows the file I want at the top, but I was hoping the keyword would show ONLY the file I want. Does it work that way? Thank you!
  10. Hello! I've made myself a few tiny workflows that open a single file by keyword. (Keyword into an Open File action.) I think I'm missing something. My keyword gives me every file that starts with those letters, as if it were just a search. I can find a keyword so esoteric it doesn't match to any file, but that means I have to memorize something like GF23*& instead of "guide." I want a way I can type in something like "guide" + space so the search knows to give me the file that has "guide" as a keyword. Is there an action I can add to the work flow to filter out everything except the one with the keyword? Thank you!
  11. Hello! Just installed ChatFred and get a "There is something fishy with your internet" error message. Pops up in big letters across the screen. I can open all the prompts with the default key words, but it consistently gives me the same message. My Internet is functioning as normal. Any thoughts?
  12. Hi! A week ago these little guys started appearing in my workflows. What are they?
  13. Hello! Is there a way to change the icon associated with "Open the Typed URL"? See attached. Thanks!
  14. I notice that when I type a search and hit Command it displays an alternative option to "reveal file in finder". If I hit Option it says "search for X in finder." I have Alfred using Command+Space, and Spotlight using Control+Option+Command+Space. I'd love to have both using Command+Space with a variable key for spotlight when needed. Is there a key that switches the Alfred search back to the default spotlight search, like "search in Spotlight"? Thank you.
  15. Hello, I thought there was an easy way to apply a hotkey to a specific snippet but I don't see it. Can someone assist a newbie? Thank you!
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