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  1. Amazing. Thank you so much for this. Grabbing text from Alfred and punching it through Remote Desktop happens dozens of times a day for me, so it means a lot. Regards, Richard
  2. Hi, This feature now appears to be causing a problem for snippets in Microsoft Remote Desktop. If I copy a snippet and go directly into MRD, the clipboard is not synced down to the MRD session. However, if I click into another application first (e.g., TextEdit, MacVim..), and click into the MRD session, the clipboard gets synced. So I suspect the clipboard integration is waiting on an app focus change as a trigger? Something like that? Any tips you could provide would be appreciated. Thanks! Regards, Richard
  3. Hi Andrew, Perfect, that worked, thanks! Regards, Richard
  4. Hello, I'd like to request a feature (e.g., a checkbox in the "Advanced" section of the preferences) that allows you to disable the recent feature that keeps the focus on the current application when calling Alfred. In other words, I'd like a way to keep the old functionality. The reason is this new feature breaks certain application-specific keyboard shortcuts I have configured (via karabiner). For example, Cmd-H should do something different in Terminal then it does in Alfred. With the addition of this new feature, many of my common keyboard shortcuts are broken. Thanks for your help. Alfred is an important part of my daily work and play. Also, I'm hoping this isn't a case of xkcd 1172. Regards, Richard EDIT: typo
  5. Chevex, Awesome! I'm really glad you liked it and made use of it. Regarding the snippet name, yeah, it might be a bit redundant. But I personally use it for search terms/tags.. e.g., if I forget the snippet keyword, I can search by what I think might be in the snippet name. That and my keywords are hard to read but easy to type, so it's nice seeing the easy-to-read name in the snippets box. Also, a comment about the bash script. The section where it sets the internal delimiter might be confusing from the GitHub web interface. If you copy and paste it into a good text editor, you will see there are actually two control characters (bells) between the single quotes. Yep, the SQL statement is very simple. Figuring out the timestamp/epoch was interesting, though! I appreciate your feedback. Thanks!! Regards, Milo
  6. Hi there, I am on Alfred 2.5.1 (308) and it is currently working for me. Could you please let me know: Do you have Alfred setup to keep preferences in Dropbox? Would you be able to provide the output of running this command in Terminal.app: find "$HOME" -name 'snippets.alfdb' Thanks! Regards, Milo
  7. This is true, the workflow does insert records into Alfred's snippets database. Use at your own risk, of course. That being said, I tested the workflow thoroughly and it inserts snippets into the snippets table in the same manner as Alfred.
  8. By default, it is at: ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Alfred.alfredpreferences/clipboard/snippets.alfdb However, if you've changed the location of your Alfred preferences, it might be somewhere else. To find it, run the following command in Terminal.app: find ~ -name 'snippets.alfdb'
  9. I liked this idea so much, I created the workflow. It works like this: You just enter the workflow keyword, the snippet name, snippet keyword, and then paste in the content. The name and keyword need to be separated from the content by a colon, but you can use a colon in the snippet content. http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/3119-create-new-snippet/ This workflow creates snippets in the snippets table just like Alfred does (uses the same timestamp format) as far as I can tell, and everything is working as expected. If you have any qualms, go ahead and backup your snippets.alfdb file first. Milo
  10. This workflow creates a new snippet directly from the main Alfred interface. You simply type the workflow keyword, then the snippet name, the snippet keyword, and the snippet itself, separated by a colon, like so: Note that the snippet itself (the content) can be multi-line, and there are no restricted characters for the snippet itself. (The snippet name and snippet keyword cannot contain the delimiter – colon by default – but the content can). All you need to do is type the workflow keyword (default snp) followed by the snippet name, followed by a colon, followed by the keyword, followed by a colon, and hit Command-V to paste in the snippet itself. You won't be able to see the whole thing at once, but it's there: Then just hit enter. You'll see a notification that says 'snippet created'. If you don't you may need to tell the workflow where your snippet database is, for example, if you've set your Alfred preferences to be located in Dropbox. The default location is: $HOME/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Alfred.alfredpreferences/clipboard/snippets.alfdb If you've put you're Alfred.alfredpreferences file in the Dropbox root, then it's: $HOME/Dropbox/Alfred.alfredpreferences/clipboard/snippets.alfdb If you want to change the delimiter that separates the snippet name, keyword, and snippet content, just change the DLM variable in the workflow (see screenshot). This is the middle item in the workflow (Run script). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! I know Alfred's main input box isn't ideal for this. If people like this workflow, I can work on having it bring up a multi-line text box. Download link: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/nspffk9z2vec339/New-Snippet.alfredworkflow Warm regards, Milo
  11. I whole heartedly agree with this post. It is a pain to create a new snippet. And I love snippets. I've even thought about scripting the GUI via a sequence of key strokes (ultimate kludge). Also fully support the following: I was just thinking about this the other night. It would be awesome to have a set of registers that you can paste text into. I would love this owe so much. For an example of another program that has a similar feature, see vim's named register functionality (http://vimdoc.sourceforge.net/htmldoc/change.html#quote_alpha) Could be a keyword: y 1 Yanks the text currently in the clipboard to register 1 (or A or B, etc.) Or perhaps a sequence of keys.
  12. Anytime I want to copy a workflow, I must export and import. Please allow me to right click > copy. There is no way to copy a workflow component. I have to do it manually. Please fix this. Thanks. Exit
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