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  1. it would be cool if you could add "Alfred" permissions, but not "Alfred Workflows". Alfreds code is obviously fine, but the workflows (which also sometimes get updated automatically) are definitely not safe, as the developers are often just random anonymous people on the internet - who then have access to your Application Data.
  2. Here's a version that works, i copied it and changed a few lines in the 'workflow.php' to make it work with Alfred 3: https://github.com/notDavid/alfred-Wolfram-Alpha/raw/master/Wolfram-Alpha.alfredworkflow
  3. thanks much, love this dark theme :-) - i did change the font to "SF UI Text Light" which is much nicer in my humble opinion...
  4. Another problem, if the file is a .html file with an input field (for example username), then selecting this item with the arrow down key will capture keyboard focus and you are locked in the .html file - Alfred no longer captures the keys pressed, they now go to the .html file...
  5. PS. what you don't see in these screenshots is that when there are larger file names, the file names are being truncated (making them indistinguishable), because half of the screen is filled with the preview... Since i don't use the previews, it would be really nice to be able to use all that space for the filenames :-)
  6. i mean the previews in the file search, here's a screenshot:
  7. I prefer to NOT see the previews for a lot of file types, it would be nice to be able to disable this! (maybe based on file extension.) If you don't need this functionality it's just non-info which can be very distracting / bloated. Thanks. - Alfred 3 [652]
  8. fyi the "small dictionary" issue is reported: https://github.com/bbusschots/hsxkpasswd/issues/11 Also, I installed HSXKpasswd with 1 commandline: sudo cpan Crypt::HSXKPasswd It's then instaled in /usr/local/bin/hsxkpasswd So the Workflow worked without any adjustments/problems for me.
  9. very usefull workflow... the word list is quite short indeed, so just replace it with another one, or merge some of the samples (if you speak another non-english language) :-)
  10. The workflow has bugs btw, for example if you input '111' you should get 'xxx' but instead get 'rrr'.
  11. David

    The Minimalist

    How about a new one with "San Francisco" font? :-)
  12. Hi, the Workflow is working for me so if it doesn't work for you guys i guess it probably means the daily limit of the 'Synonyms account in the workflow' has been reached. I logged in, and it currently says "daily quota 895 out of 1000". Anyway, you can solve this by applying for your own account here: http://www.synonyms.net/api.php After registering you will get an email with an ID and Token, you need to enter them in the workflow here:
  13. Ohh you can just add the root folder... should've tried that :s Thanks, glad it's solved :-)
  14. Thanks for your reply, i understand the workaround but it's not exactly... convenient since you'd have to manually add a path for every App. Also some Apps have the version number in the Path so it breaks when the App is updated. for example /opt/homebrew-cask/Caskroom/iterm2/2.0
  15. Install HomeBrew Install MacVim Run command brew linkapps macvim in Terminal Now, you have a working MacVim in your /Applications folder. You can run it in Finder from /Applications/MacVim or from Spotlight Search. However, Alfred doesn't see it (i assume because of the symlink: /Applications/MacVim.app -> /usr/local/opt/macvim/MacVim.app ). Alfred 2.7.1 OS X 10.10.3
  16. Subnet calculating, for example... i can also use the default calculator in OS X though, so no biggie. Using alfred would just be more convenient.
  17. Something else to add perhaps... in case you run out of things to do : decimal, binary, octal, hexadecimal
  18. Thanks for this. You might want to consider adding the Bitcoin currency sometime :-)
  19. what folder, do you mean the folder where "tag" is located or the folder for the snippets? To change the folder where "tag" is located, in Alfred go to Workflows -> Snippets and right click it -> Show in Finder. Then open "search-snippets.sh" with a text editor and search and replace "/opt/local/bin/tag" to "tag". To change the path where the snippets are located, you have to change the paths in the Snippets workflow in here: http://www.evanlovely.com/utilities/alfred/snippets/snippet-paths.png yea i had that also, just make sure you always have at least 1 snippet/text file in the snippets folder, then the problem is solved :-)
  20. Hi, thanks cool workflow. Is the source of the included "ReadingListSearch" executable available on Github (or something equal)?
  21. Awesome, thanks :-) took me about 5 minutes to find out the download link was behind the Alfred icon btw
  22. ahh yes confusing indeed.. well unfortunately the returned xml only contains the "definition" of the word that is being submitted, the definition of the results/antonyms are not provided so i can't show them. for example, result of "belligerent" = http://bpaste.net/show/i2oenelTfhNuhI6c4Dmk/ I can of course simply remove the definitions for the antonyms.
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