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  1. Okay no worries guys, I will gladly put together a bit of a walkthrough / explanation of how it works
  2. Im using Alfred to display a bunch of context sensitive modal menus. My Alfred mode remaps keypad numbers to include the command modifier, so I can execute Alfred list items with a single keystroke. I also temporarily remap some close-by keys to page down and page up so I can quickly move through any longer Alfred modals
  3. This is fantastic! I can't thank you enough. I needed to adjust this a bit, to make it suitable for my needs. I needed to trigger a workflow's external trigger (instead of just launching Alfred). So building on what I learned from yourself and Vitor about sending variables to AppleScript using ARGV, I was able to save this AppleScript as an executable, then call it from a shell script, feed variables into the trigger, workflow and argument fields… and I kind of knew what I was doing throughout this whole process. Now I have a lovely reusable little script where I can launch Alfred into a specific workflow, and have my system track whether I am in Alfred mode or not. Thank you so much for your really valuable help!
  4. Does anyone know if there's a way to have Alfred run a single specific script every time the Alfred window closes? So whenever a workflow finishes, or a file action is performed, or even just when Alfred has been cancelled – I want to send a little command, externally. The reason for this is I'm using Karabiner Elements to put my keyboard into a special "Alfred mode" whenever Alfred is invoked. I'm hoping to find a simple way to get out of this mode. At the moment I have these specific rules in Karabiner to try catch any keyboard / mouse event that could close the Alfred window, but it's getting out of hand. It would be much simpler if Alfred (or the system) could execute a script whenever the Alfred window closes. Does anyone have any thoughts?
  5. This is easy to do with the hotkey trigger. There's a tab called "related apps" where you can tell Alfred to only run this workflow pipeline if the hotkey is triggered in a certain app (or group of apps) Heres a quick demo showing you how to do this
  6. Okay, this is coming together for me now. Thank you Vitor and deanishe for your time and patience. This is the crux of what is tripping me up. I can't thank you enough Vitor for first understanding my flawed interpretation and then guiding me through to how things actually work. Thanks again guys, I am on the right path again now!
  7. Hi deanishe, Thank you so much for your wisdom here 😊 Before I move on to researching how to achieve the second part of your reply, would you mind staying with me for a moment - on the workflow variable? You mention that I shouldn't use quotation marks in a variable unless the value includes quotation marks… If this was a working line of AppleScript, sans variable: tell application "Adobe After Effects 2021" aren't those quote marks indeed part of the value if we use a variable instead? Here is a sketch of how I am understanding this, would you mind pointing out where I am wrong? Thank again, Nathan 😊
  8. Hi again, So I am still tripping over using variables in my Alfred + AppleScript workflows. I feel like I'm getting it right, while clearly I'm not there yet. If anyone could help me comprehend my shortfall, I would be very grateful – I would love to understand how to do this properly. My workflow is here And a screen capture showing where I am at:
  9. Vitor, thank you. I proceeded as you suggested and it got me closer, then I tried disabling escaping double quotes and it worked! Thank you for your time and expertise, its very kind of you.
  10. Hey guys, I am having a tricky time getting my query to properly pass through to some AppleScript inside Alfred. I am using "{query}" as my placeholder, but I must be missing something more. I made a brief 3 minute video showing how I got here, and have uploaded the workflow here. Would love a bit of guidance if anyone has the resources to take a look.
  11. Oh it does! that's where I am using it https://apps.apple.com/au/app/tampermonkey/id1482490089?mt=12
  12. I also hate Pinterest pollution in my search results and use a great little TamperMonkey script to block it (along with any other domain) from search results. Although not specifically Alfred related (hopefully thats's okay?), I just thought I'd share it as another option that I find pretty useful. https://github.com/shosatojp/google_search_blocker
  13. When browsing in Alfred, if I come across a folder that has a custom icon assigned to it in Finder, Alfred shows the hidden icon file within the structure. Hoping you might consider tuning Alfred such that he doesn't show these files?
  14. yeah that's a shame, well thank you anyway guys– I appreciate your taking the time to have a look
  15. Hey guys, hoping someone might know some wizardry to get this working. I'm trying to build an Alfred Universal Action to open an image into MacOS's built-in Markup tool. This proves to be kind of tricky as the markup tool isn't a normal app. I really thought I'd gotten there by assigning a system shortcut to "Markup" inside System Preferences / Keyboard / Shortcuts / App Shortcuts. But sadly this only works if the right click menu is open when the shortcut key is pressed. Does anyone have any ideas about how this might be achieved?
  16. Hoping to add a bit of friendly pressure to this ancient feature request, would be really nice if Alfred knew how to drag multiple files from the buffer, please
  17. Hey guys, I tried using this today but there is a HUGE delay between evoking the command and returning any results. It sits there with "KpassLoader - Please loading database…" for about 10 seconds before showing anything, should I expect it to be faster?
  18. I work around this with the following method: (this is admittedly a bit advanced, and I have not upgraded to Big Sur as yet, so can't comment on compatibility) https://apple.stackexchange.com/a/388201 Stick with MacOS for a while… like anything new, it takes a while getting used to it. Once I got used to it and learned to "speak its language", we have been best friends! (Although Alfred is essential in that relationship.)
  19. This workflow includes browsing recent documents of frontmost app, which you can assign a hotkey: https://github.com/mpco/AlfredWorkflow-Recent-Documents Edit... oh it just occurred to me that you probably want this functionality from within your initial Alfred search for the app in question, rather than when the app is already open, in which case sorry my solution is not helpful, sorry
  20. Thanks @deanishe for the heads up with NSAppleScript. I went through my Workflows and replaced any existing NSAppleScript actions to Run Script. and @Andrew Oh dear... how silly I feel right now 🤦‍♂️. Of course there is a shortcut for this extremely handy function.
  21. dfay, thank you so much! "AppleScript Dictionaries" the missing link
  22. Novice disclaimer: I'm very new to this so apologies if I misunderstand concepts or use incorrect terms Hello Today I used some AppleScript to interface back into Alfred. I've built a hotkey workflow to quickly launch the "Browse Previous Path" feature: on alfred_script(q) tell application "Alfred" to search "Previous" end alfred_script I have a feeling the Key Combo output is not required, and that I could tell Alfred to action the search via the AppleScript. But I don't really understand how AppleScript interfaces with Alfred… Basically, where can I find out what can be done to Alfred via AppleScript? All my search results are mostly about what Alfred does for AppleScript, rather than what AppleScript does for Alfred. If anyone could give me a little primer about how this works? or nudge me in the right direction?
  23. Hi Vitor, I'd be interested in hanging out and discussing Alfred too. I'm a long term user who has recently committed to fully embracing Alfred's power, rather than my historically limited use of features. Like Peter17 I am in Australia, but don't mind having a late night / early morning if need be (with a large cup of green tea to help). I think trillionanswers is on to something with Discord. I understand it can be seem counterintuitive on first impression, but there is a lot of value there. It needn't be considered any kind of replacement / competition for this forum, rather it can be used exclusively for the purposes of these Open Office sessions (It would be a "Vitor's Open Office for Alfred" server, not a "Alfred" server). In-between sessions, it could be put into a shutdown state. Here people could still join and be presented with some kind of welcome message (you could also send updates about when the next session will start). And only when office hours are open again would discussion commence. Discord's free service is really solid when it comes to chat, screen sharing, voice communications, attachments, links etc. Of course, regardless of the platform, I'd love to spend some time with you and your expertise. Cheers, Nathan
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