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  1. Hi everybody, I've just coded a very simple workflow in order to command the freebox revolution player (Frech Set-Top box). Definitely not perfect, but usable at least for a fast zapping. The file is available on packal: Freebox revolution I hope some of you would be interested in. BR Nicolas.
  2. Hi, Since I moved to OSX 10.9 Maverick and I face a very strange behavior with that workflow. The script (version updated by RogerWW) lock the option key of my keyboard, and the only way to unlock the key is to reboot my mac. Does anyone has already have that problem ? Is it an issue with applescript in Maverick ? BR Nicolas
  3. Hi, I'm a newbie in both applescript and workflow, however I just have "coded" a very simple workflow to toggle Apple keys and function keys. The workflow is activated with the shortcut "ctrl+@". A notification is returned to the system once keys have been toggled. If you're interested, you can download it from here I hope it helps some of you ++
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