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  1. I KNOW Andrew is working on it. Patience, friends
  2. Well, i have read on a blog a way to make an USB for installing Mavericks from it. And I made the workflow I have tested it and it works, but there is something to know. You have to enter in the "terminal comand" and change "p8" (the name of my pendrive) for the name of yours. I always put the same name to my pendrives, so I can use Alfred's workflows easily. And HERE es the workflow. (if it works) Enjoy!
  3. I'm using it on mavericks. The only issue is de dictionary, It doesn't define in alfred's box. But alfred runs on mavericks
  4. PSiCKo

    Green and Blue

    Thank you very much
  5. If I tell you the truth, I didn't know this before I looked at it. It works fine ATM for me (all the other things).
  6. It's true. It allows you to open dictionary.app, but doesn't do it in Alfred's window
  7. And what do you want? A custom search? edit default searches?
  8. PSiCKo

    Green and Blue

    I like it. thanks A question: how do you edit the shape and de transparency?
  9. I have seen a workflow for imageshak. It must be tweaked to make it work. I did it, but the API URL is not working I've got a workflow similar to upload pictures to imgur, but the forum that I use more isn't compatible with imgur. Have you got/do you know the way to upload to imageshack with alfred? Well: solved. imgur works in that forum. It didn't work for an extra "_" in the script
  10. Very very nice. I'd like to translate it, but i guess that it works via webpage, doesn't it?
  11. PSiCKo

    PSiCKo Theme

    Hi! I'm PSiCKo, from Spain I want to use Alfred 2 at 200% and I just signed in here I'm reading posts and I have seen this and, well, I want to share an insane (like me) theme. This is my theme (Copy paste in browser) alfred://theme/searchForegroundColor=rgba(255,39,11,1.00)&resultSubtextFontSize=3&searchSelectionForegroundColor=rgba(0,0,0,1.00)&separatorColor=rgba(109,109,109,1.00)&resultSelectedBackgroundColor=rgba(255,38,0,1.00)&shortcutColor=rgba(255,252,0,1.00)&scrollbarColor=rgba(217,210,166,1.00)&imageStyle=4&resultSubtextFont=Noteworthy&background=rgba(0,0,0,0.87)&shortcutFontSize=3&searchFontSize=4&resultSubtextColor=rgba(173,171,0,1.00)&searchBackgroundColor=rgba(38,38,38,1.00)&name=PSiCKo&resultTextFontSize=3&resultSelectedSubtextColor=rgba(0,0,0,1.00)&shortcutSelectedColor=rgba(255,252,0,1.00)&widthSize=4&border=rgba(255,38,0,1.00)&resultTextFont=Noteworthy&resultTextColor=rgba(255,147,0,1.00)&cornerRoundness=0&searchFont=Noteworthy&searchPaddingSize=3&credits=PSiCKo&searchSelectionBackgroundColor=rgba(209,204,153,1.00)&resultSelectedTextColor=rgba(255,252,0,1.00)&resultPaddingSize=2&shortcutFont=Noteworthy
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