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  1. Now that I've reinstalled the workflow (and looking on a larger monitor), I can see that the Safari window is disappearing momentarily, and the chosen tab is being animated (a zoom-type animation) to the forefront of my screen. @epilande any ideas?
  2. @Belfong Hmm, thanks for letting me know. I'll try reinstalling the workflow.
  3. Hi, when I use this workflow on Safari, there's a 'flash' (or something else that happens very quickly) before the selected tab is displayed. I don't see it in the animation included in the first post of this thread (although that is an example using Chrome and not Safari). Other users of the workflow: is this happening for you?
  4. Thanks, this requires a pre-release of Tomatobar, right? https://github.com/ivoronin/TomatoBar/commit/1c5f60771952b8985648aa75daff0696b771ddfb
  5. Thank you very much for all of your hard work, @Stephen_C!
  6. Thanks; I'd like to learn! I've almost got it working, but it's asking me to type the name of the new folder. As the name of the folders can sometimes be quite long, I'm hoping the workflow can automatically use the name of the original folder. Is there a way to modify the "Set the new folder name variable" and "Create new folder path variable" such that they don't depend on the result of the "Ask for the name of the new folder" but instead take the name of the original folder? To this end, I tried removing "Ask for name of new folder" and modifying "Create new folder path" to build the path based on "theInput" variable, but the workflow is giving me the following error in the debugging log: It seems it's just piecing together the original path and the destination path, and I'm not sure what to do next... I guess 'theInput' needs to be something else? Something that doesn't include the entire path but simply the folder's name. Thanks again! Ah, and these are what I have the fields for "Move Path With the Finder":
  7. In macOS's finder, when I drag a folder named "X" from one location to another while holding the Option key, I am presented, if that second location already contains a folder named "X," with a dialogue box asking me to choose between "Stop," "Replace," and "Merge." Most often, I wish to merge the contents of the two folders; is there a way to accomplish this using Alfred? Even more ideally, I'd like to be able to cut and merge, so that the folder is moved (rather than copied) from its original location. If I attempt to use Alfred's Universal Action "Move to," then the folder is not moved—it remains in its original location—and with "Move [with Replace]," the contents of the existing folder are overwritten. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. Hi @rknightuk, I'm running Sonoma and am unable to get this workflow to work. I can click 'allow anyway' on the unverified developer warning, but there appear no requests for the app to access either reminders or calendar, and, if I navigate in system settings to Privacy and Security > Reminders / Calendar, Agenda is listed in neither place. If I enable debugging and attempt to see my upcoming reminders I get the following error: If I try to add a reminder, the following message appears (but there is no 'Post Notification'): Any fix? Or is this a Sonoma issue? Thanks!
  9. Thank you both. I installed the workflow, and it seems so far to be working. It didn't prompt me to install the Developer Tools, so maybe I already had them? Thanks again!
  10. Thanks. Yes, it sounds like @Acidham's solution is better. I see that I require Python3, which I do not have installed on my machine; is there a preferred way to get it? It seems from searching Google that pyenv is recommended? https://github.com/pyenv/pyenv
  11. @vitor Looking at the Debugger Utility's output, it appears that the script, rather than toggling the connection between connected and disconnected, sends 'Disconnecting My AirPods Pro' each and every time. Unless this is a very easy fix, to avoid taking up too much of your time, I'm inclined to try Acidham's AirPods Connector workflow. Thanks!
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