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  1. I just wanna tell that suddenly I have started to suffer this post problem, but doing exactly what you said now it works again thanks!
  2. that's exactly what I was looking for. Besides, it has help me to understand better how this workflows works Thanks!
  3. Hi, first of all, sorry for my english. The other day I found that there is a terminal command to force openning an app more than 1 time. For example, openning two VLC windows. That terminal command is 'open -n /applications/vlc.app' My idea is to create a ALFRED WORKFLOW similar to this: openn USER_INPUT_(APP_NAME) an example: typing openn vlc then, execute the terminal command: open -n /applicaciones/USER_INPUT_(APP_NAME).app I know how to get USER_INPUT_(APP_NAME), but I do not know how to "paste" this text in the TERMINAL COMMAND One more thing,
  4. amazing info!!!! I was looking into it I have made my first app (turning images to jpg files) with automator, and with this alfred way of selectin/sending files it becomes perfect. I select files with pathfinder, i get them in alfred with the 'file selection' option, and then I send them to my little app GREAT!!!
  5. thanks! It's incredible what Apple has told me, let me paste it (first in spanish and then a translation to english...): Revisadas las notas de su caso, compruebo que el problema solo lo tiene en documentos office que son de Microsoft. Esto es un comportamiento normal del Spotlight, que va indexar en las aplicaciones de Apple, titulo y contenido y en aplicaciones de tercera parte como es Microsoft Office para Mac, solo el titulo de los archivos, ya que el sistema operativo no sabe leer dentro de estos archivos creados con aplicaciones de Microsoft, que pueden funcionar en un equipo con
  6. newbie error from me I have my first iMac only for 3 months, now it is ok, the problem was that I did not choose pathfinder to be the default file browser Thanks for your time
  7. I have more testing, it is not about a particular file, it seems something with at least all office archives (docx, xlsx). I have made a little new xlsx file and the problem is the same. Spootlight does not find/index the content of the file Here is a dropbox link with the example failed files --> https://www.dropbox.com/s/f4n3y4v5398mdcd/ficheros_indexacion.zip
  8. Hi, In my Alfreds testing, I see that it is integrated with OS X Finder. I don't like Finder, I prefer other software like Pathfinder, is there any way at this moment to change the default file browser from Finder to Pathfinder? Or maybe in the future as a new feature? PD: I think Alfred it's awesome, just the free stuff it's enough for me but I have bought the 'power pack' in order to support your effort and work
  9. I have made some more testing and this is the conclusion: Spootlight consider files like .txt, .pdf as 'Document', and 'Pdf document' respectively. Unfortunatelly with doc(x), xls(x) is not the same, they are considered just like 'Archives'. It's curious that if you print a excel file as a pdf file, the resulting pdf file is correctly indexed by spootlight. Anyone know if that is normal, if it has a solution or maybe it could be a OS X bug? Greetings Carlos
  10. Good night I have tested and it seems not to be a problem of Alfred, but a Spootlight problem. I have reindexed spootlight various times: - with Alfred reindex option - with onyx reindex option - with osx reindex option --> described here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2409?viewlocale=es_ES En el menú Apple (), selecciona Preferencias del Sistema. Haz clic en Spotlight. Haz clic en la pestaña Privacidad. Arrastra un carpeta o un volumen entero (tu disco duro) hasta la lista. Si se te pide confirmación, haz clic en Aceptar. Elimina el ítem o volumen que acabas de añadir a
  11. perfect, doing both things it behaves exactly as I want
  12. Done! it works perfect, now I don't see the unwanted partition
  13. Hello people, for the moment, this is the last problem I had yesterday testing Alfred. One awesome feature I discovered is the 'in' option for finding files containing inside a text. But In my testings, I see it works sometimes but fails in other ones. Here is an example: In this example, I search inside for the text 'Avatar'. Alfred found this text correctly in the file called 'DVDs y 720p a regalar.xls'. However, this same text its inside a file called 'MKV - Listado peliculas.xls' (as you can see in the attached image) and Alfred does not detect it. Thanks in advance
  14. Hi all of you, thanks for your time. I have told about a problem in this thread --> http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/2986-removable-media-detection-error/ because of this first one problem, I have found a second one. As you can see here: Alfred detects an internat partition (the second partition of my internat iMac hard drive) as removable/ejectable volume. Is this normal? I think internal partitions should not be shown as removable/ejectables. Greetings Carlos
  15. Hello, first of all, sorry for my english. I hope you can understand me enough. I am new with alfred, and it's a great great app, so good that I have bought the power pack. After my first tests, I have found some problems, the first one is this: As you can see, Alfred does not detect an external usb 3.0 hard drive as 'removable media' in the eject command. If I change from 'removable media' option to 'volume' it works, but if I do it, it shows more drives that I don't want to be shown. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug? Greetings Carlos
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