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  1. Yeah! It actually looks better in white, you can have your own combination here! The fact is I don't always show the number selector. I'm attaching the new version here https://d.pr/UAQ7
  2. Hey! A long time ago I made a theme for an Alfred contest and I called it Elegant you can see the first version here: After a few years I continued using this theme with modifications and now I'd like to share it with you all. The Elegant v5 - 2017 theme. Elegant Light v5 Elegant Dark v5 You can download them here: Download Light Theme Download Dark Theme Hope you like them!
  3. Hi! I made this workflow to help myself when I'm browsing files in Alfred and I want to share them. Here is a little Workflow to upload the selected file to Droplr. Works better if you have Droplr already open. Enjoy! Download
  4. jovotrox

    Elegant v2

    Just the version 2 of the Elegant theme for Alfred 2 Hope you like it! download link: http://d.pr/f/KKvo
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