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  1. I'm trying to figure out if it would be possible to create a workflow that allows you to search through all running applications. For example, searching this could bring up the instances of notion running that have the associated name. Ideally this same workflow could search for open instances of browser tabs but that workflow already exists which is quite nice. I really need this functionality to mimic how windows powertoys works on windows to the mac as that would make macos perfect for me. Any suggestions?
  2. My biggest problem with this workflow is that it opens a new notion window on the last virtual desktop that you had a notion window on. I'd like for it to work like this, open a new notion window on the virtual desktop that you're on without having to turn off that feature in mission control of not switching to the space that an application is in. It makes MacOS far less useable for someone like myself that uses 16 virtual desktops.
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