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  1. That was it...thanks. I knew this would be a simple solution. I can't believe I missed it. Sorry for wasting everyone's time, but I'm all set now and loving it. Thanks.
  2. Hi...I have another possibly stupid question. Which is a result of my installing this new version of Alfred on a new mac. Anyway, when I bring up Alfred and search for a folder that is in my Documents folder, Alfred isn't finding it. Do I need to rebuild my spotlight results or something? Or configure Alfred to find it? I looked at the Search settings and don't see anything that would be excluding the folders.
  3. That helped...should have been able to figure it out myself. Thanks.
  4. Hi. I'm sorry for what I'm sure is going to be a stupid question, but I can't figure this out, for the life of me. And I have searched the forums... I've been using Alfred for a few years now. I recently upgraded to a new mac, and so I installed Alfred on it, and purchased the powerpack. So I should be able to setup hotkeys (like ctrl-alt-cmd-0) to open apps. I used Alfred to do that on my previous mac, and did that just by opening the Alfred preferences, clicking on the HotKeys icon, and setting it up. But in this new version of Alfred, with the powerpack, I can't find the damn way to
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