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  1. @Andrew Yeah, I tried that in testing. I've gone back to just moving the apps myself. I was gonna make a post for this Bug Reports to see if Alfred could do that in the move, but I'll leave it up to you if you think it should or not.
  2. Ah ha, found the answer. It's because of Apple's new translocation feature: only an application which is *dragged* by the user to /Applications (i.e. not `mv`ed by a shell script) will clear a read-only bit which is set on the app bundle. https://github.com/potionfactory/LetsMove/issues/56
  3. One of my most common Alfred actions is moving things from ~/Downloads to different folders. An especially common case is moving an application I download (usually decompressed from a .zip) to the /Applications folder. I've set up a new MacBook Pro from scratch and have been using Alfred to copy apps to the Applications folder, and have seen one particularly weird thing with all the applications I've had Alfred move there: they all report some variant of the same error when launching or doing their Sparkle self-update check, saying "I'm on a read-only volume, so updating won't succeed". Has anyone else seen this? Is this macOS being weird, Alfred being weird, (some weird xattrs being set? probably… ), or is something else responsible? (I've fixed it by manually copying the applications to my Desktop, deleting the copy in /Apps, and moving it back via drag and drop.) My config: - 2017 MacBook Pro - Alfred 3.4 - macOS Sierra, 10.12.6
  4. Hi all, First, the necessary info: Alfred 2.0.7 (205) OS X 10.8.4 (12E55) 15" MacBook Pro with Retina, 16 GB of RAM I have a local NFS volume that I mount from a virtual machine I run locally on my machine with VMWare. When this volume is mounted, Alfred's app launching and "Open With…" dialog exhibit a several second lag. Here's a video of "Open With…" and app launching with no volume mounted (it's so snappy!): http://cl.ly/2H3x0Q0v0Z3q And here's a video of "Open With…" and app launching with the volume mounted: http://cl.ly/2y160y2P0V0Y
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