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  1. @vitor that 0 is mysterious. I think the app where I'm pasting is causing this. I've debugged and there is no 0 in the pasted path. Other apps I tried paste these failing files as plain text path(without the 0) and works properly with files that worked here.
  2. @Pearcen, your thing works great, thank you! I just can't figure out why it fails randomly for some files. I can't find a pattern for the failed files. Attached is a screenshot that shows the failed files with a red exclamation. Do you've any clue?
  3. Thanks @vitor! I've a list of files in Alfred. When the user presses enter I like to paste it in place, wherever the user is. I can paste by triggering Cmd + V. But I can't copy except image or plain text. For a live example please check the screen recording https://www.icloud.com/iclouddrive/07a-lw3n469tWD7fPus18Z0oA#Screen_Recording_2022-10-28_at_16.35.11
  4. Hi folks, I'm developing a custom workflow. After lots of searching around, I don't find a way to copy the chained file to the clipboard. I've found "Save image to clipboard" in Alfred 5, but I want to copy any file given. Alfred file actions has it, but I don't find any workflow action for that. Any help is appreciated.
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