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  1. Search doesn't seem to work anymore?
  2. Hi everyone, I've made an XMBC controller for myself but I thought I'd share it incase anyone else finds it useful. It's a bit of a case of "works for me", it's not been testing properly so let me know if there's any problems. The workflow for viewing tv shows -> seasons -> episodes is a bit hacky and leaves alfred open after loading the file so if anyone knows how to fix that, let me know. Download v0.2 v0.2 - Added check marks next to watched episodes Screenshots
  3. It's probably because I, and the others, don't have growl installed and the check for it was where the problem was.
  4. Your check for growlnotify wasn't quite working, I changed: $growlnotifyinstalled = trim($growlnotifyinstalled); //added to line 41 if ($growlnotifyinstalled !== "nogrowlnotify") { //changed the if statement on line 52 That seems to fix it for me but the newlines don't work as I'm not sure what you were meant to replace them with? echo str_replace("\n\n","\n\n",$msg);
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