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  1. The workflow only rounds the result if you tell it to. That isn't really how workflows work. You don't need a space. If you have any universally-useful suggestions, I'll definitely consider it. However, I'm generally against adding any presets like inches that are of no interest to most users. In a choice between requiring American users to manually add acres, pounds, Fahrenheit etc. and requiring everybody else to manually delete them, everybody else wins.
  2. It depends what you've got in your preferences. Your clipboard history isn't stored in there, but your snippets are. And some workflows store API keys in their preferences sheet, which means they're also in there.
  3. You're bloody fast with the updates! I'd leave that at 6, tbh, or even 1 or 2 if a fixer.io API key is set. If the workflow pulls the exchange rates just before the site updates them, users may end up using rates that are up to 48 hours old. Your worse case scenario is basically (update interval * 2) - 1 second, so you should try to minimise that.
  4. If you turn on "Alfred filters results", your Script Filter is only run once.
  5. You need to. Alfred's default results only include the filetypes you have selected.
  6. Have you checked that the location of your VM images is in Alfred's Search Scope and the VM filetype is included in Alfred's default search?
  7. Adding a Script Filter for each digit is a brilliant idea. So simple, so good. I am totally going to steal that 😛 Don't zip the exported .alfredworkflow file before uploading it to GitHub releases. .alfredworkflow files are zip files, just with a different extension. So there's no benefit in zipping them again. The exchange rates aren't from fixer.io: its API absolutely requires an API key. The rates are actually coming from exchangeratesapi.io, which doesn't require an API key. But it's also basically this list of 32 currencies converted to JSON, and the rates are only updated every 24 hours. So unfortunately, most of the listed currencies aren't actually supported
  8. I didn't know that. Makes a kind of sense, I suppose. No idea. I've been using it for so long, I can't remember. I probably saw it somewhere or guessed based on the fact that the API accepts multiple paths.
  9. It does. You just repeat the -onlyin option, i.e. mdfind -onlyin ~/Desktop -onlyin ~/Downloads $query It accepts some pretty complex queries with judicious use of brackets.
  10. Complain to Apple. Catalina blocks other applications from searching Mail.app's email.
  11. If any decent workflow developer cared as much about currency conversion as you, they'd have built a nice, fast workflow that craps all over Spotlight's "toy" feature. But they don't, and it's not Alfred's or the community's fault that you aren't capable of doing it yourself.
  12. I find File Actions far more useful directly from Finder using whatever Selection Hotkey you have set in Alfred Preferences > Features > Actions > General.
  13. Mine does. But it's one of those terribly slow Python programs.
  14. https://forum.latenightsw.com/t/how-do-i-copy-image-file-to-clipboard-and-retain-format/590/27
  15. Not with a File Filter: they specifically don't show anything until you enter a query. You could use mdfind to get the image files and display them in a Script Filter.
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