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  1. Andrea can't fix your stuff. What exactly are you trying to do? You want to launch Anaconda Navigator from Alfred?
  2. SearX has an API that returns search results. If you can find a reliable public node with the API turned on.
  3. I'm not sure what you're requesting here. Do you mean "Don't respond to my ↩ keypress until the Script Filter has finished executing with the query in Alfred's input field at the time I pressed ↩"?
  4. By preference, yes. I doubt I'll hardcode a particular command. Perhaps I'll add a generalised system for mapping arbitrary commands to modifiers. Alfred 4 has much improved support for modifiers.
  5. Debatable. You don’t need JavaScript analytics to know who’s using which browser. It’s not that Firefox support doesn’t matter, it’s that Firefox is almost impossible to support. A fairly simple JXA script can get the title and URL of the active tab from any common-ish browser that isn’t Firefox. But getting that info from Firefox is hellishly complicated and hacky because Mozilla doesn’t care about users like us. So if you want workflows that support Firefox, get on Mozilla’s case to make it possible.
  6. The history is stored in a SQLite database, so regexes are a no-go. Wildcards would be possible, though. Whether the performance is acceptable is a different matter.
  7. Hi @ashkrosh, welcome to the forum. No, that's not possible. Alfred little idea what a workflow is doing, and blindly re-running one might result in something very bad happening. There are a couple of options. You can assign a Hotkey to your "volume down" action, so you can call it directly without needing to open Alfred first. Alternatively, you can create a workflow that opens Alfred, and simulates the keypress ↑ to choose the previous query, then ↩ to action it. If you assign that to a Hotkey, you can then easily action the previous query again.
  8. Okay, that's fairly simple. It can be done with a bunch of Alfred's elements, but it's also only a couple of lines as a script, so I'll explain that way. Add a new Keyword to your workflow to trigger the script, and connect that to a Run Script element with Language = /bin/bash (the default). Then put the following in the Script box: # Directory to create new file in. folder="${HOME}/Desktop" # Create DD-MM-YYYY.md filename using today's date filename=$( date '+%d-%m-%Y.md' ) # Ensure folder exists mkdir -p "$folder" # Join folder and filename p="${folder}/${filename}" # Create empty file touch "$p" # Open with Typora open -a "Typora" "$p" You'll probably want to change the folder= line at the top to point to the folder where you want to create the file.
  9. Yes, it's possible, but I'll need more details to describe how to do it in concrete terms. So you want to create a new, empty file, then open it in Typora? Does the directory change or will it always be in the same directory? What's the date format/filename? YYYY-MM-DD.md?
  10. Alfred 4 no longer uses version suffixes on its files, so it would be com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-Preferences with no number. No idea if what you're trying will work, though.
  11. I don't think this is possible with a File Filter, no. The metadata is there in kMDItemDurationSeconds, and the underlying search engine supports it, but Alfred only supports text-style searches, and will only find matches for the exact duration (and the metadata includes microseconds). Perhaps @Andrew can clarify if this is correct? You'd have to write a custom Script Filter to properly handle numeric fields like filesize/duration/bitrate. As a starting point, this command will show every audio file in ~/Music with a duration over 5 minutes: mdfind -onlyin ~/Music '(kMDItemContentTypeTree == public.audio) && (kMDItemDurationSeconds > 360)'
  12. I think two resized windows next to each other is all you're going to get if you want to automate it. There is no programmatic way to turn Split View on/off AFAIK. Is it even possible to put another app on the same desktop as a fullscreen one?
  13. Yes. Three, I believe I don't recall anyone having issues with OneDrive. All the problems are with Google Drive and iCloud. I guess you can conclude from that either nobody uses OneDrive or it works flawlessly… At any rate, I'd give it a try before I started paying the crazy Dropbox prices.
  14. With AppleScript/JXA to resize windows. You might be better off looking at something like Hammerspoon, which is designed for manipulating windows. The only thing Alfred can really do for you here is run the applications and your resize script.
  15. Why can't you use the free account?
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