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  1. You have a couple of options. You can remove the directories containing all the borked iTerms from Alfred's search scope, or you can individually add alfred:ignore to the Spotlight comments of each item (via Finder > Get Info).
  2. You could set a variable based on the exit code and use that in a test.
  3. I don't think so, no. Alfred is only really designed to respond to deliberate user actions, not other kinds of events. I believe the closest you can get is creating a Hotkey that runs actions to quit the app and unmount the drive. You probably need something like Keyboard Maestro, which does have an on-application-quit trigger. (But not an eject action, as far as I can see.)
  4. I guess that mostly explains why no such workflow currently exists… For my part, I'd very much like such a workflow. Perhaps @Andrew can weight in regarding how feasible it is.
  5. I understand where you're coming from, but TouchBar is TouchBar. Post in that thread and have your post seen by other people interested in TouchBar support. Create a new thread on the same topic and, well, there's nobody else here but me. And I'm only here to ask you to not create duplicate threads… Join the existing discussion or (very likely) watch your thread disappear without a trace. Your choice. For my part, I won't be bumping this thread again.
  6. Lol. The reward for a job well done is more work… 🙂
  7. Is it even possible to do? Alfred’s API certainly has no function for it. What happens when you run: open -a “Alfred Preferences” /path/to/workflow/folder ?
  8. You're in the right place, imo, but we're not geniuses. We need to be able to poke around in the broken workflow to figure out what's wrong with it. By posting the workflow, you make it very easy for us to have a look and dramatically improve your chances of getting some useful help. I'll have a look at it after work if it hasn't been figured out by then. As you're using Mojave, could you double-check that you've granted Alfred all the access rights it needs? AppleScript behaving differently in Script Editor and elsewhere is nothing new, I'm afraid, but Script Editor having correct permissions while Alfred doesn't is the simplest thing to verify.
  9. Please don't post the script, upload the workflow. It's not reasonable to expect us to try to first go off and find this SatimageOSAX (never heard of it) and then rebuild your workflow from scratch simply in order to help you.
  10. @rjsierra Which keyboard layout are you using? I've just checked and the Spanish ISO and Portuguese keyboards have - in the same place as / on an English keyboard. When you say "CMD+OPT+-", do you mean "CMD+OPT+the key left of the right SHIFT key"? That would explain the issue. Especially if you swap keyboard layouts. If that is the case, look for the shortcut "CMD+OPT+/" in Alfred Preferences. Most likely Alfred Preferences > Features > File Search > Actions.
  11. There’s already a thread about this. Perhaps you could add your thoughts there instead of creating another thread for the same topic? It helps keep the discussion organised.
  12. File Actions pass the file paths to scripts as command-line arguments. So you access them as $1, $2 or sys.argv or ARGV[n] depending on which language you’re using.
  13. Could you post a link to the entire workflow so we can have a look for ourselves? It's almost impossible to diagnose an issue with an un-runnable code snippet unless the error is glaringly obvious (e.g. a typo) or you've already run into the exact same problem yourself.
  14. Google is actually pretty responsive to their paying customers. G Suite is important to them. Last time I posted a problem I was having on the G Suite forum, a Google employee phoned me the next day. On a not-particularly-relevant note, I’ve dumped GDFS. I’ve only got a few 100 MBs of data in my Gdrive, but somehow that turd of a program had created over 11GB of cache files.
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