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  1. I updated my Workflow to send images with the `attachment`-Feature of the Pushover API: - URLs pointing to an image will be send along your message - If you send the path to a local image file it will also be added to your message See the latest release.
  2. I created a small Workflow which removes SEO and other unneeded parts from URLs to make them shorter, reason for this were those long Amazon product page URLs that can be shortened to only contain the actual Amazon product ID in the URL. If I collect or share those URLs I usually shortened by hand them to not clutter chat logs etc. I never wanted to rely on URL shortener like bit.ly etc. to not get lost when those services shut down. So this workflow checks your clipboard and tries to shorten the URL to it's bare working minimum for the service. Currently supported are Amazon, Heise and Reddit, YouTube with their respective URL shorteners. I'm not sure if this is particular useful to someone else, nevertheless here it is. https://github.com/stroebjo/alfred-cleanurls/releases
  3. @flome that would be nice, but as far as I know, Pushover only supports text based messages. You can push URLs of images though.
  4. Hi carlsen, the workflow works with MindNode (actually MindNode was the main reason I created id!). When you open MindNode do you have entries in the menu File > Recent entries? That where the workflow get's it data from. There is a macOS preference to disable recent files.
  5. I updated the workflow for Alfred 3.2 (Alfred 2 version ist still available here). It now also uses the rerun-Feature introduced in 3.2 to show the avatar download progress.
  6. Hi everyone, I created a workflow to work with the macOS recently used files system. It's essentially the same function like Alfreds "left arrow key"-Gesture to navigate to the recently used files by an App… but without the arrow key and the items appear directly on the keyword/name of the application. ;-) You can also filter down the results using text input. After installing the Workflow you need to configure the Apps you want it to work with yourself. As Examples I included a few Apps, like TextEdit, MindNode and iA Writer. You can download the Workflow here: https://github.com/stroebjo/alfred-recent/releases Hope it's useful to someone. Any feedback is appreciated!
  7. Hi everyone, I created an simple workflow for Pushover. It allows you to push text and URLs to your various devices. The workflow has to keywords: "push <your text, URL>" and "pushc" for pushing your clipboard. I use it primarily for pushing URLs to mobile devices for mobile website development. But also pushing plaintext comes in handy at some times. To get it running you have to create an application on Pushover and fill in your USER and API tokens in the workflow settings. It works only with Alfred v3 since I used some of the new stuff. You can grab it here: https://github.com/stroebjo/alfred-pushover/releases Hope it's of any use for somebody! If you have any feedback or suggestions, I'm looking forward to it! ;-)
  8. Thanks for the tip! That definitely makes sense. I just pushed a new Version to the GitHub Link with the changes. It should display files with an & correctly now.
  9. When you open Excel, Word or Powerpoint it shows a panel with the latest used files by the app. This workflow fetches those files and displays them directly in Alfred so you can open them directly. You can also narrow down the files by typing a port of the folder or filename. It only works withe the latest version of office, though. So Office 2011 won't work. You can grab it over here: https://github.com/stroebjo/alfred-recent-office/releases/latest If you have any feedback or suggestions please let me know!
  10. Really like your workflow! Thanks! One questen: would it be possible to open repostieres allwys in the same window, so I don't end up with several windwos of Tower?
  11. Hello, I created a small workflow to quickly search through your starred repositories on GitHub. After the keyword "ghs" it matches the argument against title and description of the repository. At the first start you have to set your GitHub username with "ghsset user". Also the first run will be slow (depending on how many Stars you have), since it fetches all the user avatars (if anyone has an idea to make this more smooth let me know!). You can download it here (GitHub). I was inspired to create this after seeing Adam Simpsons workflow for StackOverflow Favorites. Hope it is useful for someone!
  12. I created a workflow that changes the width of the window which currently has the focus. Currently it has four integrated widths fo the usual smartphone and tablet width (landscape and portrait mode), but also allows to set the window width to a custom value. I use it to set my browser width to the widths of smartphones and tablets, when doing responisve web development. Yout can download it here: Window Width (GitHub repository) Any feedback is appreciated!
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