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  1. would be really useful to create some videos about the workflow heuristics you need to know + any integration with AI features (e.g. would love to be able to pass text into the ai to change the text in a predefined way, as a workflow. even better, I'd love to be able to do that with local LLM models, which I think could be a lovely niche if you guys manage to do it right)
  2. @vitor you universal action is amazing!! it just works exactly as expected. any idea if you/ someone built on this a "Duplicate" universal action?
  3. this is great - should be added to the Gallery of fame!!
  4. thanks for this @Stephen_C, but not quite. I want to be able to go directly to this specific collection with just a trigger word (as opposed to 2x, when using snip). is there a way (perhaps via a workflow) to get that?
  5. can I use a workflow Keyword input to navigate to a snippet collection? i.e. I have the snippet collection "me". I want to be able to access it by typing out "me", as opposed to "snip me" (for all other collections, "snip collection name" is fine)
  6. I want to be able to type my keyword in Alfred, and the workflow to give me options for key bits of data (pre-configured/ always the same) that I can click on to push into clipboard/ paste in on Enter. e.g. I type "me" and the list shows my emails/ address/ phone number/ etc. (similar to how the TZ workflow shows all the timezones and you click on them to copy)
  7. Many thanks for this - the help is much appreciated, since as you see I'm only beginning this journey. However, I'd say the only (big) problem with workflows is that they're very much specific/ built-to-measure, whereas this is a framework for quickly making/ using/ seeing/ updating/ adjusting a whole set of snippets. Things like keypresses and user input on runtime would make this super useful.
  8. Something like {keypress:tab} would make a lot of my snippets more useful, since that will allow us to navigate a basic form for example/ Excel.
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