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  1. Thank you for your reply! I understand that some precautions have been taken; and that sandboxed apps can't readily access the file. (I was mistaken—apologies) But I disagree that just because a feature is optional, it doesn't need to be secure! Storing sensitive data in plain text is irresponsible and dangerous; I would really like for this to be fixed.
  2. Hello, Alfred's clipboard history is not encrypted on-disk, and that feels very wrong. Everything you copy—save for exclusions from specific apps—gets written, in plain text, to a file in a non-protected Library folder. To me this feels like a severe mishandling of potentially sensitive info; even if passwords get excluded, the clipboard still sees a lot of very private data. All that data is readily available to be silently read by any process, with no permission prompt. This has been a concern for a while, but I was reminded of it because of the recent outcry around the ChatGPT for Mac app. If conversations with an LLM warrant basic data protection, then surely, your entire clipboard history deserves at least as much.
  3. Thanks for the reply! That's handy. What I'd really like however, is to have such a direct shortcut for each of the four fallback searches. I happen to use them all quite often!
  4. I have a few different fallback searches that I use very often. Is it possible to assign them fixed shortcuts? Alfred does automatically assign shortcuts to every result, which is super handy. However, the shortcuts for fallback searches will be different, depending on whether or not Alfred returns results, since the shortcuts are based on the result position. For instance, while my Google Search shortcut is usually ⌘4, it shifts to ⌘5 when I search for “nova”, which matches an app on my Mac: I'd really like these fallback searches to always have the same shortcut; and, I basically never use the positional shortcuts for anything else than default searches. Is that possible? Alfred support seems to say that it isn't, not without some trickery.
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