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  1. Hello, unfortunately, the current beta (6.6.6-beta.1) always branches out to Google. Even the configuration does not work for me! node.js is set in /user/local/bin and the link in /usr/local/bin as well as described! What can I do here? The debug output is more than confused: [18:24:09.462] Alfred Workflow Todoist[Script Filter] Queuing argument '' [18:24:09.674] Alfred Workflow Todoist[Script Filter] Script with argv '(null)' finished [18:24:09.679] ERROR: Alfred Workflow Todoist[Script Filter] Code 7: /Users/oliver/Dropbox/Alfred/Alfred.al
  2. No date ist set in ToDoIst, no ", tomorrow", ", morgen", ", today", ", heute", ", next week" … I want to set a ToDo "Test" in "Arbeit" for tomorrow: todo test #Arbeit , tomorrow It doesn't work!
  3. [14:49:06.454] Alfred Workflow Todoist[Script Filter] Queuing argument ' language de' [14:49:07.174] Alfred Workflow Todoist[Script Filter] Script with argv '(null)' finished [14:49:07.176] Alfred Workflow Todoist[Script Filter] {"items":[{"uid":"693e9af84d3dfcc71e640e005bdc5e2e","title":"New: de (✓)","subtitle":"Current value: en","icon":{"path":"icon.png"},"arg":"{\"key\":\"language\",\"value\":\"de\"}","type":"default","valid":true}]} [14:49:09.591] Alfred Workflow Todoist[Script Filter] Processing complete [14:49:09.594] Alfred Workflow Todoist[Script Filter] Passing output '{"key":"langua
  4. Ups, sorry, where can i find the error messages?
  5. Yes, the language is set to "de" With set to "en":
  6. Mh, also "todo test #Arbeit p1 @test, today", "todo test #Arbeit p1 @test, heute", "todo test #Arbeit p1 @test, 2019/07/28" does not works for me … 😞
  7. The Workflow works for me only without a date! Look:
  8. Hello, where can I change the Search-Engines? I want search with: * google.de * smile.amazon.de * de.wikipedia.org and * ebay.de Regards O.
  9. No, Todoist doesn't support German. Other workflows are working, "ebay searching" for example … I write "ebay" hit Enter an I can type "Audi A4".
  10. At first, sorry for my bad english … When i type a "t" and navigate to "Store Language" and hit Enter, runs the command "t:language" with no chance tor write "de" …
  11. Hello, can I add a category? Regards O.
  12. That the problem. Spotify says "Application is not installed". I have logout an login and the same.
  13. output.log: <?xml version="1.0"?> <items><item uid="" arg="" valid="no" autocomplete=""><title>Workflow is not configured, library.db is missing</title><subtitle>Select Open Spotify Mini Player App below, and copy json data</subtitle><icon>./images/warning.png</icon></item><item uid="" arg="|||||||open_spotify_export_app||" valid="yes" autocomplete=""><title>Open Spotify Mini Player App <spotify:app:miniplayer></title><subtitle>Once clipboard contains json data, get back here and use Install library.<
  14. The folder "spotify-app-miniplayer" exists, the file "update_library_in_progress" isn't there.
  15. output.log <?xml version="1.0"?> <items><item uid="" arg="/Users/oliver/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Workflow Data/com.vdesabou.spotify.mini.player/update_library_in_progress" valid="no" autocomplete=""><title>Library update in progress</title><subtitle>Please come back later</subtitle><icon>./images/warning.png</icon></item></items> The output_action.log is empty and 0 Byte
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